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There are few things I love more than food shopping. Especially being surrounded by vibrant, fresh, local produce. But I even find doing the weekly shop at Sainsbury’s exciting. I try not to take the luxury of being surrounded by so much food for granted. I love the pomp of going about your weekly shop; the list making, the browsing – basically, I don’t find grocery shopping a chore. (If you do, and you live in the London area how about we swap – I’ll pick up your weekly list and do your shopping for you if you come over and do the laundry for me. Sounds fair, right?) 

I almost said that I was surprised that I just waxed poetically about food shopping, but I’m not honestly. If you check out my pinterest boards, I have some very intricate food categories. 

We are really lucky that we have some great local farmer’s markets in the area. The photos for this post were taken at the weekend market in Forest Hill behind the Horniman Museum

slicing bread
wine refills
view of london
Plus the market has a pretty gorgeous view of London, right? 

overlooking the city

What’s your favourite “chore”? 

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  • I think it also has to be grocery shopping – sometimes it feels like a cornucopia of plenty!

  • I have to say…I do enjoy putting together a weekly menu and list too! Especially here in England! Not sure how I’m going to feel about it once I’m back home :/

  • Rachael Brennan

    I love grocery shopping over here in Japan. I could spend hours looking at all the things and trying to figure out what they are. I especially love the cheap and fresh sashimi, as well as the fresh tofu. It’s still warm!
    I feel like the fresh produce in the UK is much better than in Australia (where I’m from) though..

    • how’s the produce situation in Japan? x

      • Rachael Brennan

        It’s good. Very seasonal, which I love because you know it’s always fresh. Lot’s of asian vegetables that i’ve never seen before so it’s fun to try them out!

  • Oh how I miss visiting the farmers markets. So much pretty looking produce!

    • What’s shopping like in Iceland? x

      • Expensive, very expensive. Last week I went to get some broccoli and it was over 5 dollars for a tiny piece, not even one servings worth. I miss my parents garden and all the farmer markets in Oregon that is for sure.

        • That is crazy! Are there any veggies that are reasonably priced? x

          • If you get the ones in season then you can find them for okay prices, it is definitely an expat struggle! Thankfully sweet potatoes are always reasonably priced!

          • And sweet potatoes are delicious so that’s a plus! x

  • I love grocery shopping too! It doesn’t matter if it’s the farmers market or the store. My favourite part of the week is sitting down and making a menu for the week and then seeing it come to fruition.

  • Cate in the Kitchen

    My favourite chore is also the food shop. I’m a huge novelty seeker so love picking up things I might never have tried before!

  • I’m interested to know just how many perverts have taken you up on your laundry / grocery shopping swap offer just for the chance to prowl though your soiled dainties. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    (In more blog-related commentary: Bread and cheese, bread and cheese, bread and cheese, way too close to lunch time to be reading this post)

  • With a farmer’s market like that, I wouldn’t mind it at all, either! I think what gets to me is that the walk to and from the supermarket isn’t exactly short, so we’re always slogging our heavy bags home afterwards… but the actual shopping part is fun πŸ™‚ I actually really don’t mind laundry or mowing the lawn (when I had a lawn!)

    • The heavy bag walk can be tough. I like the moral conundrum of is two really have bags better than one? Because than you can balance the weight out on each side? Or is that not worth it? ;D x

  • I really love food shopping too! Doing the weekly grocery shop is my idea of heaven and I’d much prefer to do it then clothes shopping! The markets are especially lovely to go to – I love the fresh, vibrancy of the food and eating seasonally is great too πŸ™‚

  • I’m totally with you – I LOVE food shopping. I even love deciding which supermarket to use this week. I do love farmers markets – there was one every weekend in Frankfurt but the one where I live now is just once a month πŸ™

    • What’s your favourite supermarket? xx

      • Ach now you’ve got me. My nearest and most convenient is Sainsbury’s. It’s my old classic – I know where everything is and I can go a good shop there. But there’s a Tesco Extra near my work (I drive about an hour each way to get to work) and I really love it. It’s so huge and there’s so much to look at. However, I went to Waitrose for the first time last week…I LOVED IT but at the same time I spent like Β£70. But the food is lasting me over a week so I guess it’s OK….

        • I love Waitrose food too but it’s just too expensive for it to be anything but a treat for me. x

  • I loveeeee farmers markets!!! Now regular supermarkets? That’s a totally different story with me. lol

  • I completely agree with you on that one, food shopping is great! πŸ™‚ Probably because it means I get to eat all the delicious food I buy and I can choose exactly what I want! I don’t really associate London with farmers markets (being a country bumpkin!), I love the refillable wine idea! πŸ™‚ Alice xx

    • Refillable wine is the best idea ever. I wish I had come up with it πŸ˜‰ I think pretty much every Borough in London has a pretty great market. Even Brixton – heart of urban vibrancy has an awesome market on the weekends! x

      • Shows quite what a London newbie I am! I love a good food market so the idea of London is getting even more appealing! xx

        • Not at all – its surprising to me about London as well! You can’t replicate the fresh air of the countryside though πŸ™ xx

  • Ashley Angle

    Mmmmm bread and cheese! Looks like a great outing – nice and sunny! Come link up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • This definitely does NOT seem like a chore! I’m a big fan of food shopping too, but maybe it’s just novelty to me right now because I can read all the labels again ;).

  • I love the colors you see at farmers’ markets. It’s tragic you don’t see those at the grocery stores. And we make our monthly trips to Sam’s Clubs full-on dates, haha.

    • You can’t take me into Sam’s Club because I am overawed by all the deals and want to buy everything! x

  • I like unpacking too – I’m such a weirdo! x

  • I like shopping for food too, but my favourite is laundry!! I know, I’m weird!

  • I love farmer’s markets! I got some delicious tomatoes the other day. These are the tomatoes I’ve been waiting all year for!

  • This is a total overshare, but my favourite chore is hair removal haha. I love shaving my legs and tweezing my eyebrows because it’s the little things that make me feel all fancy. And bare legs, for me, is FANCY πŸ˜‰ xx

    • Guuuurrrrrllll you crazy. But really you are. Eyebrows are the worst, followed only by having to shave your legs. πŸ˜‰ xx