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Summer Berry Picking

Last fall, I sang the praises of Garsons Farm, a pyo farm and farm shop on the outskirts of London. I promised then that I’d be back in the summer, and I definitely upheld that promise. The weather was absolutely perfect on Sunday, the recent cold-snap had ended and it was sunglasses weather again. Despite having to brave a rail replacement bus from our flat to Brixton, we happily soldiered on.  The farm is actually a few miles from the train station so by the time we got to Garsons, we felt we deserved our snacks.

Our first stop was the farm shop. Call me cheap, but I love a free sample. With my belly sufficiently full of cheese samples we headed out into the fields. Right now there are strawberries, raspberries, sunflowers, potatoes, spinach, carrots and courgette for picking (just to name a few).

It’s an amazing family-day out. There were families there stocking up on their weekly vegetable shopping, and there were loads of groups like us, there to soak up the sun and atmosphere whilst getting some delicious produce. There are designated picnic areas that were filled with happy laughter and not a few couples who had plunked down and had their lunches amongst the sunflowers.


big deer
farm views
flower fields
blue flowers
amongst the sunflowers
sunflower portrait
smiling with sunflowers
Dress: Yumi (Asos on sale similar here). Shoes: Converse. Sunglasses: RayBan. Backpack: Cath Kidston 
rows of kohl rabi
runner beans
sam and beans
picking raspberries
amongst the raspberries
raspberry haul
berriesgarsons farm

Garsons Farm has been in Esher since 1871. It’s about a 40 minute walk from Esher station or a quick bus/cab ride. 

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  • I haven’t managed to go summer berry picking yet which is a shame. It looks like you had a lovely day out though and I love that dress! xx

  • I’ve never walked through a field of sunflowers, needs to be added to my summer bucket list! Fresh berries are the BEST, I’m just munching on some cherries at my desk! Plus, if I had room for one of those wicker deer I would definitely have one, I’m not even sure they’d fit in our tiny garden, let alone what the neighbours would say! πŸ˜€ Alice xx

  • PYO farms are so awesome!! I wish I had made a trip out this summer. Love the sunflower pics πŸ™‚

  • “Rail replacement bus service” Four words that strike fear into every commuter’s heart. All worth if for free cheese samples, though. I don’t want to think about the things I wouldn’t do for a free cheese sample πŸ˜‰

  • *shudders at the thought of rail replacement bus services*, lol. Berry picking is something I’ve never done before but feel I would totally love. They look so fresh and beautiful!

  • Ala

    That dress is stunning on you! We went to Garsons farm a few years ago but probably a bit too late in the season, it was still fun though! The pictures are gorgeous xx

    • Thanks lovely! When we went last autumn bit too late for the fall crop – won’t make mistake again! x

  • Sam is ROCKING that backpack! haha. I used to go berry picking all the time in America, but haven’t yet here! I’ve played in the lavender fields and that’s as close as I’ve gotten.

    • England does do a good lavender field! I mentioned to above – you know it’s love when he’s willing to carry your bag when you get tired πŸ˜€ x

  • Here we call a PYO farm a U Pick! haha. I love them though, what a great day out!

  • amitygardens

    Really enjoying Sam’s book bag. Good look for him. πŸ˜›

    • Hahaha, that’s when you know it’s love – when he carries your bag for you when you get tired πŸ˜‰ x

  • Those giant stick sculptures are super cool. And the sunflowers!!!! My absolute favorite bloom ever.

  • Ash @ The Nashvillian

    Such cute photos! I went blueberry picking for the first time a couple weeks ago with my family and it was the best time ever. I can’t wait to get the photos up on the blog! πŸ™‚

  • Those photos are so cute and that outing looks so fun! Berry picking is such a classic summer event. Enjoy your pickings! πŸ™‚

  • Fresh picked fruit and veggies are the best thing. I took my husband strawberry picking for the first time this year – he loved it.

  • This looks like the perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday:)

  • I love strawberry picking, but had no idea places still did it to be honest. Must look into this!

    Annabel β™₯
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Bloody great

  • That’s cool! Call me fussy but I’m not a fan of picking anything that I need to kneel down for haha but I do love some fresh berries! There is nothing like it!x

  • So cool!!!

  • you look like something out of the film version of a classic novel in the fields with flowers πŸ™‚