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Despite Saturday’s glorious weather, there was a distinctly autumnal chill in the air on Sunday. (Not to mention the torrential downpour of today.)  In fact, I could smell that someone in the neighbourhood had lit their woodburning stove yesterday. The fabulous people from George at Asda have sent me a few pieces to smooth the transition from Summer to Autumn (I’m weeping inside). 

They have some amazing knitwear and denim, and I especially support their Wonderfit jeans. I have two other pairs that I’ve purchased in the past, and I recommend them highly! They have a lot of stretch, but unlike other skinny jeans, they don’t lose their skinniness in the wash. Dreaded saggy pocket syndrome (affecting those without bottoms) can thus be avoided. 

I wore it out to brunch, you can snoop the fabulous sourdough concoction that I ate on instagram. To me the perfect brunch outfit has to casual, but not sloppy and definitely with enough room to hide the excess of brunch that I will inevitably eat. 

full lengthstripe detail

casual sunday outfitsorority squat
george at asdaposing
george at asda outfitjumper from george
jeans from george
Jeans: c/0 Wonderfit (in XS) George at Asda. Top: The Gap. Shoes: Glitter Bow c/o George at Asda. Jumper: Oversized Jumper (in S) c/o George at Asda. Necklace: Aspire in Stratford upon Avon. Bag: Longchamp

happy post brunch

Are you ready for the fall? 

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  • You’re right on the flexibility of a brunch outfit – there is nothing worse than any thing too, too tight! Love the colour combo!

  • super cute! I’m absolutely loving that oversized sweater 🙂

  • I am loving that sweater! And ready or not I think fall is here for us.

  • I need that jumper in my life! It looks so cosy! xx

  • You do look very brunch-casual-chic. I didn’t know that saggy pocket syndrome was a thing. God knows what this says about my bottom…

  • Cate in the Kitchen

    Definitely need to check out those jeans, it’s SO hard to find a good fit! Gorgeous outfit 🙂

    In answer to your question, YES I am absolutely ready for autumn. I’m a winter baby so summer just isn’t my thing, I’m really looking forward to wrapping up warm, eating soup and getting the fire going!

    Cate in the Kitchen

  • I love the shoes and the jeans – are they jeggings or buttoned jeans? I really need some new ones! Plus Autumn clothing is much nicer in my opinion than summer – summer dresses, tights and boots = yes please! 😀 Alice xx

  • I want to weep to – summer in Scotland has been nonexistent until about 2 weeks ago and now I’m so sad to see August about to end! At least when autumn arrives we can stop hoping for nicer weather right? ….

    • Ha. It’s so true. It’s absolutely pissing it down here right now. I don’t think it’s stopped raining for more than 30 minutes all day long today! x

  • I LOVE the jumper!

  • Love the sweater (errr, jumper!) and I’m on the market for something like that now that I’m in a place that actually has four real seasons!

    • Thank you so much! What season do you think you missed the most? xx

      • Definitely fall! I’d love to live somewhere that’s always sweater-weather!

  • Hannah

    You look lovely – and I am jealous of your fantastic figure! x

  • I love the sweater! I’m absolutely ready for some fall weather – it’s been surprisingly hot in Vilnius this week.

    • I’m jealous of your heat – it hasn’t stopped raining since Sunday! (The grass is always greener, right?) x

  • Gorgeous outfit! I love those shoes!

    • Thank you so much! And they were only like £6 from Asda – they do seem to run big though – I wish I had sized down a touch! x