Cupcake decorating at Sponge & Cream

I went to Sponge & Cream in Brixton Market with Zomato, on the first official #ZoMeeto. First of all, I’d like to have it go down in the record books how pleased I was to have a blogging event south of the river. I live just a fairly short bus ride from Brixton Village and it was so nice to leave an event and not face an hour plus journey. More events south please!

We all were welcomed with a glass of fizz and a slice of the cake of our choosing. We all shared our cakes around so that everyone could try a bit of everything. I particularly loved the butternut squash cake and the red velvet (of course). I was also impressed that the gluten-free cakes managed to be so light! The raspberry chocolate cake and the carrot cake were two more winners in my book! 

After stuffing our faces with cake, the workshop portion of our evening began. First Paulina demonstrated how to make one of her fabulous 3-tiered lemon and coconut cakes (it involves using lots of frosting to contain the lake of lemon curd that goes in between the layers). Then we started to decorate for ourselves. Personally, I’m not a fan of eating fondant. But I am a fan of playing with clay, so I really enjoyed Paulina leading us in some spooky Halloween sculpting lessons in order to make the perfect Halloween cupcakes! Sadly, my witch’s hat was far too big for my cupcake. However, I might have mastered the art of the pumpkin. I also liked the piping hints for making green icing look like grass (I’ll definitely be utilising that skill in the future.) 

Our lovely host for the evening, Paulina, is offering workshops in a larger space during October and I highly recommend looking into them. Paulina was so sweet and knowledgable. 
brixton market
baking classes
sponge and cream
butternut squash cake

Butternut Squash cake.

raspberry chocolate cake

Raspberry Chocolate cake. 

german chocolate cake

German chocolate cake. 

cakes lined up
my raspberry slice
lemon curd

Piling on the lemon curd. 

piping layers

Piping in another buffer ring of icing. 

coconut and lemon cake

The magnificent 3-tiered stack! 

covering with coconut

Covering the cake in desiccated coconut. 

coconut cake decorated

Before finishing it off with candied lemon slices! 


Our lovely host for the evening! 

halloween cupcakes

And her wonderfully spooky cupcakes! 

fondant hat
cupcakes and fondant

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