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I am always on the quest to find the best burger. In fact, I have a lot of strong opinions on burgers. Enter Patty & Bun as my latest joint to judge. After a very long day of work, I headed to the Liverpool Street location to self-soothe with meat and cheese and carbs.

The menu is brief and straight to the point: 5 different types of burgers and a few different sides. I had the “Smokey Robinson” burger: a thick beef patty with lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon, ketchup, Smokey P&B mayo, with (most importantly) mounds of caramelised onions on a brioche bun. It was delicious. I could have eaten a plateful of those onions by themselves! My comrade in arms for the evening had the “Ari Gold”: a similar burger but with pickled onions instead of caramelised ones. We both had portions of  chips- that rosemary salt is divine. If it was sold separately, I’d buy a box for my house! And we split the special Hazelnut milkshake. It tasted more nutty and less Nutella than I expected, but I heartily enjoyed it, especially the huge chunks of hazelnut towards the end.

My only criticism is that the burgers and sauces are SO JUICY (not a bad thing in and of itself), but since the brioche is untoasted and so soft it just soaks up all the juices and turns out to be hard to eat with your hands, defeating the point of a bun. I ended up eating my burger with a knife and fork. The Liverpool Street branch is either eat-in or takeaway  but unless you lived or worked within a 5 minute walk from the restaurant, I think your burger would have ravaged the brioche by the time you got to eat it. And there are very few seats to eat-in. I’d actually recommend going on a weekend, when the city/office district clears out. During the week it’s packed with workers.

Next time I go (and I would return) I’d like to try the “Hot Chic,” the buttermilk fried chicken on brioche with a spicy slaw and garlic mayo. That has my name all over it.  I whole-heartedly enjoyed my dinner, but my quest for the perfect London burger continues.

patty and bun
sams burger
my burger

Just look at that cheesy goodness! 

Have you been to Patty & Bun? What were your thoughts?

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  • Oh wow! That looks so so yummy!! Burgers can be very messy to eat – I always seem to end up using a knife and fork anyway! xxx

  • That cheesy goodness looks delicious! If H could choose dinner every night it would be burgers ha.

  • Now I really want a burger for dinner…

  • Yeah I had pretty much the same thinking about P&B – it’s GOOD, but not great. Have you tried The Joint? I think that’s my favourite 🙂 Closely followed by Dirty Burger.

  • I love your passion for burgers – at my work we have a monthly “Burger Club” which is a mission to find the best burger in Leeds! Each burger gets rated and tracked on a very fancy spreadsheet…

    Maybe we need a southern adventure to P&B!

    Sophie Cliff

    • Haha, maybe I should be a bit more abashed about my love for burgers, but I just can’t help it 😉 xx

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    I’ve heard legendary things about the Ari Gold burger 🙂

  • Well this was a stupid day to return to blog reading. GIMME MY BURGER NOOOOOOW. And I too need that fried chicken garlic mayo concoction you left us on. I won’t rest until I have seven of them lined up in front of me.

  • This is one of my Boyfriends favourite burgers but the sauces ruined the veggie option.

  • Oh that burger looks delicious! Shame about the super soft brioche soaking up the super juicy sauce/patty (super soft bun and juicy burger are both desirable attributes for the best burgers in my book, but not when it ravages the bread – totally agree with you!). I really must go on a best burger quest – any excuse to eat lots of yummy burgers! P.S. The chicken with spicy slaw and garlic mayo sounds AMAZING! xx

  • Sounds lovely….if a little dangerous for whatever ensemble you might wear that day!

  • Oooo. The chicken burger for sure sounds like a winner. Sorry your buns got soggy XD

  • this looks delicious and I don’t even eat burgers anymore 🙂

    • Their veggie burger option is garlic and mushroom fritter patties which also sounds delicious! xx

  • Jenn Sie

    These are my favourite burgers so far. (Note I don’t eat beef so I have the chicken.) Bleeker Street Burgers are in Spitalfields market and my colleagues raved about them.

  • Sometimes you just have to indulge in a good burger. It’s the law.

  • Those chips look nice

  • emi

    YUM!! starving for a burger now, thanks! 😉


  • Oh YUM. This reminds me of a burger place me used to go to in Frankfurt. The burger selection wasn’t vast, but here were some lovely sounding burgers that had obviously been perfected, flavour-wise anyway!

  • Totally thought the same when I went! Just too juicy! You need to try dip and flip down south west when you get chance! x

  • Ooh this looks so yummy, I don’y like it when burgers are overly juicy though, it turns eating it into a very high maintenance task xx

  • Milli

    I’ve always wanted to try this, but it is a bit wrong eating a burger with cutlery! Looks so tasty though!