Life Lately || Happy Things

Schools are back in session, and the last big bank holiday for awhile has come and gone but life is exciting and filled with joy lately. 

Babysitting my baby nephew over the weekend is such a joy. I can’t believe he’ll be 1 soon. I need to fit in all the baby cuddles whilst I still can. 

Sam and I wandered around on Sunday afternoon casually browsing for his wedding outfit. Plus we popped into a few stores to try on wedding bands. Seeing Sam with a wedding band on caused me to have all the feels all at once.

Lindsay is back! I know it’s only temporary, but I’m going to pretend like she is here forever. Plan B is to kidnap her and hold her prisoner so she can’t go back to America. 


These gorgeous blooms of Debenham’s Flowers. The lovely people there sent me this gorgeous bouquet. I’m currently trying to dry and gather tons and tons of flower petals by next summer for natural wedding confetti, so Debenham’s stepped in to help facilitate this. (I was previously unaware that Debenham’s had an option to have flowers delivered. What a fool I am! They have some beautiful luxury flowers.) 
close up blooms
summer blossoms

The turnaround was super quick, I picked out the ones I wanted and had them the next day! And all my readers get 25% off a bouquet (the code has no expiry date, happy times!) The discount code which is: DFBLOG25. The only bouquets exempt from the discount is the ‘Flowers By Post’ range. 

If you live in SE England and you haven’t come to Covent Garden to see the balloon installation “Heartbeat” then you must do! It’s absolutely amazing. I’ll write more on it later. 

Wedding planning is in full swing, but we’ve booked a lot of the essentials; florist, venues, photographer, cake all done. Dresses and invitations are being looked at and caterers and hair dressers are being spoken to. 

I can’t believe that we are halfway through bakeoff! Time has really flown by. I think I speak for Ala and I both when I say that we’ve been genuinely floored by some of our entries. 

I am sooooo incredibly excited for the Bettys Tea Party next week.

What’s made you happy lately? 

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