Q& A with Katy from Little Miss Katy

Today, I am lucky enough to once again have the fabulous Little Miss Katy answering some of my annoying questions. Keep reading to find out a bit more about what makes Katy tick, or at least get some really good food recommendations!

1. What motivated you to start blogging?

Boredom! I work long hours as a corporate receptionist, but I don’t actually have much to do at my desk. So I started reading blogs to keep myself entertained and then started thinking about writing my own… and here we are nearly 18 months later and I’m hooked! ☺

2. What’s the one thing that really surprised you about blogging?

How big and friendly the community is. I don’t think anyone realizes just how HUGE this thing is until you get sucked into it yourself! Everyone’s always so friendly and ready to chat with total strangers. It’s really inspiring and I love how many amazing real-life friends I’ve made out of it (including you! <3)

Zomato Party
3. What inspires you personally?

Happiness. (Is that a bit of a weird answer? I feel like it might be!)

What I mean is, I’m inspired by people, objects and moments that make other people happy. I always feel my most creative and positive when I’ve been able to just sit back and soak in a great moment, or had a chat with someone amazing. Those bursts of happiness are what keep me ticking over.

… Is this answer even making any sense?!

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully: blogging full time from home!

I’d like to be living in a nice flat somewhere near London, though maybe not still IN London (because expensiiiiive). I’d like to be travelling a LOT, but still spending time with my friends, meeting tons of new people and just being happy!

5.  Who is your biggest style inspiration?

Emma Watson. I adore her simple but chic everyday outfits, and I love that she’s not afraid to go a little wild on the red carpet. I always think she looks flawless!

The Shard George Asda (46)

6.  What would your perfect London based weekend look like?

Well it would obviously involve a lot of good food!

I’d start off with brunch at one of my fave brunch restaurants: Tota. I’d have smashed avocado and feta on toast, with plenty of hot strong coffee.

Then I’d like to go for a long walk in Richmond Park with my boyfriend. Because fresh air.

And then I’d finish the day at a local pub with good friends, fun board games and great food: Sunday roast pork with crackling, apple sauce and all the trimmings; red wine and maybe even a gooey dessert for afters. Because why not!

7.  You’ve traveled lots, plus you’re from Spain- what’s your favourite place you’ve ever traveled to and your top future destination?

My family and I went on a skiing trip to a tiny little village in Austria when I was about 14. It was absolutely idyllic and we still talk about it now. Wooden lodges, fluffy white snow, hot chocolate and cake when you got back from a hard day skiing, and plenty of family time! ☺

My travel bucket list is LARGE, but right at the top of my list is always Italy. I’d love to spend a month driving around the whole country: Rome, Pisa, Naples, Florence, Sienna, Lucca, Verona, Venice, Puglia… I want to see everything!

IMG_0781 (700x700)

8.  What’s your favourite form of social media? (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc)

Oooh this is tough. I really love Instagram for the visual aspect of it, but Twitter is my lifeline to the outside world. When I’m working alone all day, it’s so nice to know I can just log in and there’ll always be someone available for a chat or a funny GIF exchange!

9.  What are your favourite London restaurants?

At the moment I’m obsessed with Rex & Mariano. It’s a seafood place in Soho with incredible food for really good prices. I adore their crab cakes and tuna tartare.

For fantastic sour-dough pizzas, I cannot recommend Franco Manca’s enough. They’re only like £6 each and honestly the best pizzas I’ve EVER eaten.

Oh! And there’s an amazing tapas place in Clapham called Carmen. I go there so often the manager actually knows who I am now haha. Their food is great!

10.  If you could only name one thing in London for a tourist to do, what would it be?

Wander the Southbank. You get the fantastic views of the touristy spots, but can also stop along the way for drinks on the riverfront, pick up a burger from the Bleeker St street van, and then wander all the way down towards Borough Market and London Bridge.

It’s one of my absolute favourite things to do in London!

London Ghost Tour (12)

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit from Katy as much as I have. Her blog is absolutely fabulous and I encourage everyone to go and take a look! 

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