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Last week, I had the absolute privilege to attend an event hosted by Air France in London’s Milbank Tower. Air France was celebrating being at the forefront of fashionable uniforms for over 60 years.  Pretty much every incarnation of their uniforms has been designed by a famous, iconic fashion designer. In fact, the current uniforms are designed by Christian Lacroix.  Other designers have included Dior, Balenciaga, Nina Ricci, and Carven. 

As an absolute lover of vintage fashion, attending this event was a “must” on my calendar for ages. At the outset, you might think that fashion of flight attendants couldn’t have altered that much, but watching the show really made me realise that whilst some shapes are classic, the uniforms have always been a sign of the times. From the military looks of the first few years of the first female flight attendants, to the Dior New Look, to special uniforms just for the Concorde. (Side note: the attendants for the Concorde changed into their uniforms on board so it was like a surprise differentiation to other Air France employees once the passengers were on board.) 

I watched shoulder pads come in and out of fashion, silhouettes radically change, pleating fluctuate in fashionability, and hats disappear. Personally, I’d love to bring the hat back in style for everyone. I adore a good hat. 

I got the honour of getting to go backstage and photograph some of the models and I definitely had cheekbone envy! 

airfrance runway
views of houses of parliament
The amazing view for the evening! 

view of thames
arifrance vintage
models backstage
A cheeky backstage look! 

models backstage 2
twin models
models chillin'
runway 1
runway 2
runway 3
My favourite uniform is the navy one on the right and its fabulous hat! 

runway 4
runway 5
runway 6
runway 7
Special Concorde uniform.

runway 8
runway 9
runway 10
runway 11
runway 12
runway 13
runway finale

Which look do you think was your favourite? 

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