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Wearing|| Stripes + Red Hair

Last week, the wonderful staff at Rockalily helped me achieve some colourful hair dreams. I also had about 4 inches of hair lopped off, but my hair was so long in the first place that no one is really the wiser. And whilst it was a surprise to my mom when we skyped, what was even more surprising was that she immediately declared, “It’s nice but maybe a bright blue would have been nicer?” Little did she know that a vibrant turquoise blue was my ultimate hair dream. 

But back to red. I’ve been enjoying wearing solid colours and simple patterns over the past few days to make the bright red hair the star of the show. I know that any upkeep would be fairly intense, so we’ll see how I get on with red for the time being. Brunette might make a comeback, but I’m embracing my inner-Ariel (but with legs and a voice) for the time being. The only downside at the moment, is that the second my hair gets remotely damp, I leave red patches all over the place.

Also, even though I loathe the weather turning cold, autumn leaves make the best background for photos. They are beautiful and subtly add interest to photos. A massive blogger help, really.

*Side note: Ariel was always my least favourite of the Disney princesses. Even as a youngster, I thought it was pretty lame that she would give up her voice. *

in bushes
looking at camera
sugarhill boutique dress
long shot profile
closeup profile
dress detail
walking down the street
white fence

Dress || Tights || Boots || Lipstick || Foundation

Have you ever made any drastic hair or style changes?

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