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My Guide to Borough Market

Borough Market is glorious every time of year, but I especially love it in the Autumn when the hearty produce is in season. This past weekend, I found myself wandering around the stalls, slowly filling my backpack up with treats.

If you are in London visiting and can make your own schedule, I’d plan on visiting Borough Market on a weekday just to avoid a mad throng of people.  Once you get off the Tube (or bus or train) at London Bridge, I’d recommend getting cash out. A lot of it. Though, to be honest, I’d say £20 is more than enough.

borough market sign

The best for coffee: Monmouth

As soon as I get to the market, I head straight to Monmouth for what I think is the best coffee in London. The disadvantage of going to Borough Market on  Saturday is that the queue for coffee is insane. On a weekday it’s a lot more manageable!

The best for bread: Bread Ahead

If I was a connoisseur of anything it would probably be bread. My favourite bread stall in the market is Bread Ahead (who also run a bakery and cookery school in the area). I always like to grab a massive slab of focaccia to take home with me, and at £3 it’s cheaper than the “artisan” bread from my local Sainsburys. And far tastier. 

The best dairy: Borough Cheese Company

Overall my favourite cheese provider (of free samples) and of those giant wheels of Comte is the Borough Cheese Company. But I also massively love Caerphilly cheese (a traditional Welsh cheese), so I always recommend stopping by Gorwydd Caerphilly and trying it if you never have had it before! (Or buying a block of it, if you’re already a fan.) 


The best alcohol: A tie!

I love the mulled wine at Le Marche du Quartier, while New Forest Cider holds the winning place in my heart for the best mulled cider. Beware of having too many ciders though, they clock in around 7% and go down a bit too smoothly!

mulled wine

The best lunch: A tie!

Hobbs Meat Roast is a meat-eater’s dream come true, and their pulled pork sandwich gets a big thumbs up from me. And on the completely opposite end of the spectrum, I love the Veggie Table. Their veggie burgers with halloumi are so tasty and filling. 

The best of everything else:

I absolutely love the Borough Kitchen and if I had a fortune to spend on culinary equipment and kitchen goods then this is the first place I’d go! 

Since I don’t eat seafood, I’m afraid I can’t give you a personal recommendation, but the Oyster and prosecco stall is always slammed when I go by!

green beams
the shard
borough market
blue plaque

potato merchants
more apples
railway lines
southwalk catherdral

The full market is only open Wednesday through Saturday, 10 am- 5pm (Saturdays at 8 am).

Have you been? What’s your favourite Borough Market treat? 

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