Life Lately || 10 Happy Things

How has everyone been this week? Anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend? I can’t believe the sun is already setting so early. Bring on the fall time change, I suppose! Every fall, I hit a point where I just want everything to speed up: I want Halloween tomorrow, then immediately want it to be Thanksgiving and then Christmas to be a few days later. After that, spring can come and I want my days to slow down again. 
10 happy things
1. I bought “the dress”. That’s right. I said yes to a dress. I like my dress but mostly I’m just relieved that the decision has been lifted off my shoulders! I wrote a horrendously long post about it on Wednesday and I just want to thank everyone for your incredibly warm response! 

2. On Saturday, I went to Bath and Stonehenge with work and had been holding my breath all week that it wouldn’t rain. It didn’t. Win! Bath was lovely in all its grey glory, although weirdly there were more tourists there last weekend than the last time I was there in the height of the summer!

3.   On Sunday, we spent the day with Sam’s brother and sister-in-law celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving. I love that I’ll get two Thanksgivings this year! Sam’s brother got a snap of us in the park that I really love.

Sam and I, Greenwich

4. Getting the invitation to my nephew’s 1st birthday party- a glorious card of 12 months of his face. It was promptly hung up in our house, and the big day is this weekend! Snuggles all around! I had such a good time picking out a birthday present for him.

5. I’ve booked in to make a big hair change next week. The only ones who are in on it are Sam and Lindsay. I might totally regret it, but it’s just hair right? 

6. My secret Santa now knows what to get me for Christmas. Jim Kay’s incredibly beautiful, illustrated copy of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone“. I can’t wait for the other 6 to come out now!

7. I’m going for an afternoon tea for work to one of my favourite places in London: Bea’s of Bloomsbury

8. I’ve made this pact with myself that I won’t turn the heating on till November 1st. Though I’ve been highly tempted this week, I have refrained. High five, self! 

9. I’m very excited for the new Guillermo del Toro film, “Crimson Peak”. It looks both spooky and beautiful which is the perfect combination, in my opinion. 

10. And speaking of “spooky” things, I’ve been trying to squeeze in one “scary” or Halloween themed program or film each day of October to get me in to the Halloween spirit. 

So far I’ve watched:

Oct 1- “John Dies at the End” – I’m not even going to lie, I lost interest in this film halfway through and didn’t finish it. 
Oct 2- “Scream: S1 E1” – ‘Scream’ for Netflix? Liking it so far!
Oct 3-  “Scream” S1 E2″ 
Oct 4- “Scream” S1 E3″ 
Oct 5- “Scream” S1 E4″ 
Oct 6- “Scream” S1 E5″ 
Oct 7-  “Scream” S1 E6″ 
Oct 8- “Scream” S1 E7″ 
Oct 9- “Scream” S1 E8″ 
Oct 10- “Scream” S1 E9″ 
Oct 11-  “Scream” S1 E10″ – the finale. The twist wasn’t my favourite, but I’d definitely tune in for Season 2
Oct 12- “Regression” – Sam and I watched it in theatres. Yes it has Emma Watson, but this movie is bullshit. Avoid, avoid, avoid. I’m sad I paid money to see it. 
Oct 13- “The Banshee Chapter” – government conspiracies and that guy from “Silence of the Lambs”. 
Oct 14-  “Creep” – remember that nice holistic midwife who works in the office above Mindy in “The Mindy Project”? Well he’s not so nice in this film! 
Oct 15- “Halloweentown” – that perennial Disney Channel favourite, and a classic in my opinion! 

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  • Aww, try not to wish autumn away – it’s my favourite season!

  • Oh excited to see what the hair change will be!! That pic of you and Sam is so cute. Have a lovely weekend πŸ™‚ xxx

  • Can’t wait to see your new hair! I always say I am going to make a big change and then I chicken out, but I still really want to ha.

    • Hahaha, I still might chicken out, but at least posting it on here gave me some sort of holding myself accountable ;D What would your big change be? xx

  • We got home from sunny Spain last night and immediately cranked the heating up to full blast, I can’t believe you’ve refrained! Well done on the dress x

  • I really want the illustrated Harry Potter! But this year, I’m refraining myself and asking for a set of all Harry Potter books in paperback so that I can read those until they’re torn and frayed instead of my beloved first-edition hardcover versions.

    • That’s a such a good idea. I (alas) destroyed by beloved first-edition ones years ago from rereading them too many times when I was younger. Lots of the pages have broken loose from the binding now. Mostly in the first 2 books. xx

  • I just bought myself the illustrated Harry Potter! I can confirm that it is in fact amazing.

    • Ahhh! Do you have a favourite illustration? x

      • I;m only halfway through so I still have a ton to see but I really love his illustrations of the Hogwarts ghosts!

  • Oh my gosh, so want that HP book. Love that snap – can’t wait to see what happens with your hair!

  • 1) Congratulations on finding the dress, Amanda! I’m sure you’ll look amazing in it – can’t wait to see you wearing it!

    2) Can’t wait to see the big hair change reveal, too!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

  • Hahah I love that you are watching a halloween show a day! I need to do something for halloween but not sure yet… Maybe some halloween baking needs to happen! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Beautiful black & white photo of you and Sam! Big hair change? Well if you’re cutting it, I know it’ll look good πŸ˜€

  • Congrats on finding your dress! I remember how I excited I was when I found mine. πŸ™‚ I love your list of happy things. It makes me think about all the things I’m happy about right now. I’ve been watching Halloween – themed programs as well! It’s so fantastic for getting into the Halloween mindset.

  • amitygardens

    Let’s talk about Scream, okay? I am irrationally annoyed by how nobody can do math on this freaking show! I made Alistair watch it so I could complain to him about it. I’m very considerate! πŸ˜›

    But really, they couldn’t have added like 5 or 10 years onto that 20 to have it make sense. I’m trying to be vague, but Maggie having Emma at 20 is highly unlikely. She’d have to finish university and then medical school all while with a small child- not impossible, but there’s no indication of her having anyone who would be able to support her while she was going to school and then working. Not to mention the other thing that was revealed later which makes even less sense because EVERYONE ON THIS SHOW IS LIKE THIRTY YEARS OLD. Also I was a little disappointed that the finale wasn’t the blood bath that I wanted. I also thought that they might do an anthology series, a la American Horror Story, but they didn’t.

    As you can tell I felt incredibly strongly about this. I just really hate being talked down to as a viewer.

    • Spoilers below *****************************************************************************************************

      Okay, so here’s how the time line made sense to me. Maggie was born like 1978-79 and the Brandon James murders were supposed to happen in 1994 making her 16 (so 17ish when she had Piper) then she married whatever the hell Emma’s dad was called and they had her at like 20. From a flashback we saw Emma’s mom and dad argue in the kitchen before he bounced for good (he ran away to work on an oil rig? What? random?) and Emma looked about 7ish? So maybe he was a stay at home dad while Emma’s mom was busy at med school. Unlikely but….maybe? xx

      • amitygardens

        Like not impossible, but still kind of unlikely? But what especially bothered me was


        the face that Maggie had a child at 16 who would have been 20 at the oldest. Everyone acts like Branson was a viable candidate for being Maggie’s kid when the actor who plays him is in his thirties! Not just that but it’s so incredibly unlikely for him to be a teacher when he would only be 20 yet had an affair with another student the previous year? SUSPENSION OF BELIEF CAN ONLY GO SO FAR! Why did he choose the name Branson, which wasn’t his real name other than the writer’s trying to trick you into thinking that he was literally “Bran’s son”? How did he manage to snag that job if he has a different name on his teaching license? Also, does nobody do background checks in this town?

        Then they kind of tried to make it seem like it could possible be Kieran, but that kid is 16 and also the Sheriff’s son! He wouldn’t be able to fake his own birthdate to his dad unless his dad was in on it which makes ZERO sense.

        Then we have Piper who’s the only person who logistically makes sense. Although she had a flask of alcohol and would not have been able to buy it since she’s 19/20 at best. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been carded for A DAMN PIZZA CUTTER. No way would she be able to get that on her own. Regardless of that, let’s say that she was able to make a fairly successful podcasting career at such a young age- not impossible. Her entire motive was revenge for a father that she didn’t even know? Not to mention her adoption was closed and I’m assuming that the father would not have been on the birth certificate- that would be kind of cruel if Maggie did do that. So she blames her bio mother for getting her bio dad killed- sure. She’s jealous of Emma for getting to have a happy family- kind of? Except her dad bailed so really they both grew up without dad’s. We never see any indication of what her home life was previous to coming to Lakewood. Why would she be so jealous of Emma? Was she in foster homes or did she have an abusive family? None of this is explained and pulling the “She’s just crazy!” card is a cop-out.

        Which finally brings me to Audrey. I’m hoping that they actually explain her involvement with Piper next season. It had to of been her who knocked out Piper and kidnapped Will. They at least showed her being physically strong enough to take his ass down during the self defense class. The only reason she dislikes him is because he cheated on Emma (I think?) and he’s a bit of a douchebag. Still unsure if she’s behind Rachael’s death which seems kind of cruel and doesn’t make any sense for how much she was trying to protect her. Unless they try to make it seem like Audrey was abusive to Rachael and that’s why she killed her, but I don’t see it.

        Emma is kind of a Mary Sue, and I find it very irritating. She makes out with Kieran (who is quite creepy in my opinion) after she has a fight with Will. This is not how we solve our problems! Nobody even calls her out on it! Not to mention Will and her had broken up which was when he had sex with Nina. Not saying it’s okay, but I don’t really consider it cheating if you are on a “break”. Break is synonymous with “breaking up” but it’s usually a short period of time before getting back together. Not that I like Will because him and Jake are basically child pornographers in a plot thread that stalled out. They dropped the whole Nina being involved in what I can assume was a sexual blackmail plot thread for the Mayor being a murderer. Can’t erase that, you guys. It seems like all of the teen guys, and Mr. Branson are some kind of sexual predators. Will and Jake are using Nina as a sexual object to make money, Mr. Branson having an affair with his underage student, and Kieran just being so goddamn creepy. The way he pushes Emma up against the wall apropos of nothing was just….so rapey. Like, I’m not a prude, but that came off as completely inappropriate with a spree killer running around.

        Noah and Audrey deserve a better show. Brooke can come too. Still going to watch Season 2 though because I can’t help myself.

        I had a lot of feelings about this dumb show, as you can tell. Sorry for all the ranting!

        • The Branson tangent was absolutely crazy. There was no way that he could be Maggie’s son but it was so strange that I started to think maybe the Maggie’s kid thing was a red herring and it wouldn’t have anything to do with the killer at all. (Turns out I was wrong)

          The stupidest thing about Piper was that they popped some glasses on her and assumed that made her “older” than Emma, et all. Emma and Will’s “break” fight made me think of Ross and Rachel’s infamous “break” fight, but just not very well done.

          I think Noah is absolutely fabulous though, and I’d watch a show of just him watching TV to be honest. And by the end of the series I really grew to love Brooke. I really think she had the biggest character arc and development. I really enjoyed when she and Audrey were temporarily allies at her house party.

          Since the original Scream had two killers, I assumed the series has, but I really don’t think it’s Audrey. I don’t think her cliffhanger letter burning was the proof of killer intentions. I think she was probably secretly helping Piper gather info in preparation for her arriving in town, mostly to spite and gossip about the group of popular kids who, let’s be honest, terrorised her. And she’s now burning her correspondence because she’s knows how guilty it makes her look.

          Which leads us to who would the actual 2nd killer be? I hope it’s Emma. Or maybe it is Kieran and he was just blackmailing the sheriff into pretending to be his dad. πŸ˜‰ x

          • amitygardens

            All really good points! I totally agree. Man, this show brings out the worst in me. I just have to complain and make other people watch it so I can complain. I just watched Fargo the TV Series, and it’s so well done. Like prestige television. They aren’t in the same genre, but having it be a 10-episode arc and then moving on really ratchets up the tension. I can believe that anyone can die, and I feel like everything pieces together beautifully. I wish they could have gotten a bit more of finesse for it, instead of it being so slapdash. Teens aren’t idiots. I’m sure most of them have watched things like Breaking Bad- they can appreciate high brow drama.

          • You raise a very good point. Kids these days are exposed to much better drama than we were at their age. x

  • Oh Halloween Town! love it

  • I’ve seen that film advertised around and i’m intrigued by it, like you say it looks spooky and mysterious. I haven’t seen anything about the Harry Potter book and looking on Amazon doesn’t show me much about it. Is every page illustrated? I did find on there though a Harry Potter colouring book!!

    Amy at

  • I really want the illustrated Harry Potter book too! I hope that I can get someone to buy it for me for Christmas :p

  • Ashleigh

    Ah your happy things made me smile! x


  • Miu

    β€œJohn Dies at the End” – I’m not even going to lie, I lost interest in this film halfway through and didn’t finish it.
    This made me laugh, because you read the title and your statement and think ‘The title obviously says what will happen, so why watch the end?’ πŸ˜‰

    • Hahaha ironically, John apparently doesn’t die at the end- or so a friend told me who finished the film! x

      • Miu

        Oh, how mean! πŸ˜€

  • Ah I can’t believe I hadn’t read your blog in weeks!! First two thanksgiving is awesome πŸ™‚ yay for the dress and that copy of HP looks so amazing! I need to check it out πŸ™‚