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How has everyone been this week? Anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend? I can’t believe the sun is already setting so early. Bring on the fall time change, I suppose! Every fall, I hit a point where I just want everything to speed up: I want Halloween tomorrow, then immediately want it to be Thanksgiving and then Christmas to be a few days later. After that, spring can come and I want my days to slow down again. 
10 happy things
1. I bought “the dress”. That’s right. I said yes to a dress. I like my dress but mostly I’m just relieved that the decision has been lifted off my shoulders! I wrote a horrendously long post about it on Wednesday and I just want to thank everyone for your incredibly warm response! 

2. On Saturday, I went to Bath and Stonehenge with work and had been holding my breath all week that it wouldn’t rain. It didn’t. Win! Bath was lovely in all its grey glory, although weirdly there were more tourists there last weekend than the last time I was there in the height of the summer!

3.   On Sunday, we spent the day with Sam’s brother and sister-in-law celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving. I love that I’ll get two Thanksgivings this year! Sam’s brother got a snap of us in the park that I really love.

Sam and I, Greenwich

4. Getting the invitation to my nephew’s 1st birthday party- a glorious card of 12 months of his face. It was promptly hung up in our house, and the big day is this weekend! Snuggles all around! I had such a good time picking out a birthday present for him.

5. I’ve booked in to make a big hair change next week. The only ones who are in on it are Sam and Lindsay. I might totally regret it, but it’s just hair right? 

6. My secret Santa now knows what to get me for Christmas. Jim Kay’s incredibly beautiful, illustrated copy of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone“. I can’t wait for the other 6 to come out now!

7. I’m going for an afternoon tea for work to one of my favourite places in London: Bea’s of Bloomsbury

8. I’ve made this pact with myself that I won’t turn the heating on till November 1st. Though I’ve been highly tempted this week, I have refrained. High five, self! 

9. I’m very excited for the new Guillermo del Toro film, “Crimson Peak”. It looks both spooky and beautiful which is the perfect combination, in my opinion. 

10. And speaking of “spooky” things, I’ve been trying to squeeze in one “scary” or Halloween themed program or film each day of October to get me in to the Halloween spirit. 

So far I’ve watched:

Oct 1- “John Dies at the End” – I’m not even going to lie, I lost interest in this film halfway through and didn’t finish it. 
Oct 2- “Scream: S1 E1” – ‘Scream’ for Netflix? Liking it so far!
Oct 3-  “Scream” S1 E2″ 
Oct 4- “Scream” S1 E3″ 
Oct 5- “Scream” S1 E4″ 
Oct 6- “Scream” S1 E5″ 
Oct 7-  “Scream” S1 E6″ 
Oct 8- “Scream” S1 E7″ 
Oct 9- “Scream” S1 E8″ 
Oct 10- “Scream” S1 E9″ 
Oct 11-  “Scream” S1 E10″ – the finale. The twist wasn’t my favourite, but I’d definitely tune in for Season 2
Oct 12- “Regression” – Sam and I watched it in theatres. Yes it has Emma Watson, but this movie is bullshit. Avoid, avoid, avoid. I’m sad I paid money to see it. 
Oct 13- “The Banshee Chapter” – government conspiracies and that guy from “Silence of the Lambs”. 
Oct 14-  “Creep” – remember that nice holistic midwife who works in the office above Mindy in “The Mindy Project”? Well he’s not so nice in this film! 
Oct 15- “Halloweentown” – that perennial Disney Channel favourite, and a classic in my opinion! 

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