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Travel || Hastings Castle and the View from Above

This is my last post about East Sussex for awhile, I promise! But before I stop, I wanted to share with you some of Hastings Castle and what Hastings looks like from above. Also, let it be known, I am weirdly obsessed with seaside funicular cliff lifts. I always insist on riding the cliff lift when I’m in Scarborough, and when I found out that you could get to the Castle via the west cliff railway lift there was no talking me out of it. 

Before William the Conqueror went on to defeat Harold at the Battle of Hastings in Battle, he built this castle stronghold.  200 years later, ferocious storms caused the soft cliff face to erode and whole walls fell into the sea. Then when King Henry VIII commissioned the destruction of the monasteries, Hastings Castle was in dire shape. By the 1800’s the ruins of the castle had become completely buried and overgrown, but was excavated when Hastings boomed as a holiday town. During WWII, Hastings was heavily bombed so there were anti-aircraft guns placed among the castle’s ruins. 

We also sat through the 20 minute film about Hastings Castle, that was equal parts cheesy and informative. (Well, maybe more on the cheesy side, but I can appreciate a good bit of kitsch.)

Tickets to Hastings Castle are £4.50. 

cliff lift
hastings old town
hasting seafront
looking at the sun
hastings castle
The ruins of Hastings Castle. 
ruins of hastings castle
coconut horse riding
Riding a horse a la Monty Python. As one does. 
seafront from the top
on castle walk
more pier
Jeans | Shoes | Blazer | Shirt | Scarf | Lipstick

Learn more about the Battle Festival in general here – it goes on until October 31st. But if you can’t get there soon, pencil a trip in for Sept/Oct 2016 for the 950th anniversary battle. 

I was a guest of Visit 1066, so here’s a big thank you to them! I had a blast! And also a big thank you to Southeastern Rail for providing my train tickets. 

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