Life Lately|| 10 Happy Things

I’m officially excited about Christmas; I’ve begun my shopping and now I just want to get the tree up! Although I’m also still pretty excited to have my annual grocery shopping splurge and buy my favourite expat groceries at exorbitant prices. 
happy about

1. I had an excellent evening snuggled away with Frankie at an Audley Travel event on Tuesday evening. They are currently promoting their new SE Asia cruises. And whilst I haven’t traveled through SE Asia myself, I’d love to one day- even if only for all the food! 

audley travel

2. I had my first ever instagram photo break 300 likes. I know it’s not massive, but I’m proud. 

3. On Wednesday I attended the Laura Ashley SS2016 show. As always, I am loving their bigger furniture pieces and their fun yet traditional use of fabric.  I loved all the pale muted blues and greens and greys, not to mention all the incredible floral embroidery that was showcased on many different collections. 
laura ashley ss2016
4. It was my sister-in-law’s birthday this weekend and I got lots of snuggles in with her lovely, lovely baby. 

5. Any fans of “The Jinx” or “Serial” should watch “The Staircase”- it’s old but it’s all on youtube now! 

6. Sam and I braved the rain on bonfire night and went out to watch the Crystal Palace Park fireworks. After last year’s mad crush of people and all-round downer of an experience, we didn’t pay for tickets to go in the park but instead watched from a nearby car park. Maybe it wasn’t a top class view, but for free, it was good enough. 

7. On Sunday morning, we went to our local Remembrance Day service. Everyone was crowded around the local monument laying their wreaths and all the boy scouts, girl scouts and local politicians were there. What was most amazing was that the police had closed down the main street during the service so that the minute of silence was actually silent. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it that quiet in London before. 

8. Every time I shower it’s like a murder scene because the red dye just pours out. Obviously, this isn’t strictly a good thing, but it does really make me laugh. 

9. I’ve definitely been getting into the festive spirit thanks to Hotel Chocolat. They sent me a few holiday goodies to try out, and I’m a convert. I’ve long said that I like Cadbury’s Whole Nut just as much as I like “fancy” chocolates but Hotel Chocolat had me eating my hat (my Santa hat). My favourite had to be the classic Christmas H Box, but the classic drinking chocolate and the gingerbread men were delicious as well. 

hotel chocolat

The minced pie brownie chocolate in the Christmas box was really something special. As were the Eton Mess chocolates. The gingerbread men really had a great spicy ginger kick within all that creamy chocolate. And don’t mess about with the brandy butter chocolates – they really pack an alcohol punch!

hotel chocolat collage

10. I’ve been directing the fabulous Katie from Bloody Hell Brennan, and the up-for-anything Sam for a Marie Antoinette evening at Truc Vert. Katie is Marie and Sam is Louis. Perfection. Join us at Truc Vert, a beautiful French restaurant in Mayfair for a special evening of food, cocktails and theatre on Saturday 14th. Tickets Β£20, available here.

What have you been up to lately? 

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  • Hey, 300 instalikes is rather epic! Your evening at Truc Vert sounds awesome!

  • Congrats on your Instalikes,that is pretty amazing! I am so ready for Christmas as well, I am just trying to convince the boy that decorating for Christmas now is totally fine:)

  • You are the height of my blogging jealousy today. Those Laura Ashley pieces are so lovely and HOW did you manage to get hotel chocolat to send you boxes of their christmas range?! I need to up my blogging game πŸ˜‰ Alice xx

    • Hahaha, thank you so much Alice. (Chocolates are the best kind food to get to try, right?) xx

  • Thank you for telling everyone we snuggled. I’m a married woman, you know. XD x (PS – awesome Instagram)

  • I’m so excited to get our tree up too! I love this time of year. And those chocolates look to die for! Xx

  • What fun! I am beyond excited for Christmas, I am trying so hard not just to break and unpack everything.

    • Meeee too! I think maybe if I just start small – start swapping candles for something a bit more festive and then gradually increase maybe no one will notice and I’ll satisfy my Christmas craving? x

  • I didn’t realize that anyone could top the americans in their overeagerness for christmas, but london christmas is popping up everywhere!!

    • I completely blame not having Thanksgiving as a buffer as to why Christmas mania starts so early in the UK! x

  • I like these happy things, Christmas makes me happy, just saying

  • So I had never heard of the Staircase… I’m so going to watch this!

    • Whatever you do, don’t google the case of you’ll get spoilers! It came out if 2004 and it’s wonderful. Apparently Serial used it as inspiration for how to do the Adnan investigations! x

  • 300 sounds like loads to me – but ‘, not even on Instagram so what do I know? πŸ˜‰

    Those chocolates! I am drooling over here. The pictures were bad enough, but then you had to go and describe them as well!

  • great chocolates!! I want one:))

  • Hotel chocolat is my absolute fave. I go for the buy three get some money off every time, mainly because I can’t just choose one pack of truffles to have. I want to decorate early too, but I have a strict ‘not until after thanksgiving’ rule. Adam says we have to wait until December 1st, but he doesn’t put the decorations up so his say doesn’t matter πŸ™‚

  • Expat item grocery shop! We do it on occasion too for special times and it is so lovely.

  • Aw well those are some pretty awesome things! Oh I can relate for the bonfire thing – it was pouring like crazy in Edinburgh but we went up Calton Hill to check out the fireworks going on on the coast – a true downer, thankfully saved by a nice dinner afterwards!x