Bath Time Gifts To Treat Yourself

It’s easy around the holidays to let ourselves get rundown and utterly drained of energy. Obviously, it’s because we are pulled in a million different directions come December. We still need to keep up with work, and mandatory work social obligations (i.e. Christmas dos); there’s the drive to be festive, to decorate, put up a tree, go iceskating; there’s the time it takes to get all your Christmas shopping down; and most importantly there’s the extreme want to just spend quality time with your family and friends. Phew! 

For me, the best way to relax is during a good soak in the tub, with a riveting book. 

Bath Bomb | Shower Gel | ScrubBath tub caddy | Candle | Bath Towel | PJs | Robe 

Lush Bath Bomb – They are just the best. I’m super guilty of throwing one in the water for a few minutes, then taking it out, drying it off and then wrapping it up to use again later. The fizzy and exfoliating ones are my favourites. 

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel – Lush only has this gel around the festive season and it just smells amaze. Stock up on it in December and give it out as gifts during the rest of the year and you’ll definitely be everyone’s favourite friend! 

Bath tub caddy – I don’t actually own one, but I’d love to treat myself. This one has a space for your book, a glass of wine and a candle. Basically it’s perfect. I was such a creepy nerd that when I was around 10 or so, I’d get so wrapped up in books that I wouldn’t stop reading them, even if I needed to take a shower. That’s probably why my childhood copy of “Ella Enchanted” ended up disintegrating. 

Fluffy towels – I am a freak and I spend time researching the best fluffy towels for reasonable amounts of money. (Trust me, apparently there are some high end towels that feel like wrapping yourself in a cloud but I don’t think I could ever spend around £100 for a towel. Nope.) 

Cath Kidston PJs and Robe – Cath Kidston PJs are the BEST. I consider myself somewhat a connoisseur of PJs and these are my absolute favourites. I have them on multiple prints and I am always open to owning another pair. I call them my “clouds” just because they are so comfy when you put them on. That’s probably why I’d love to own a matching robe as well! 

This post was in collaboration with Mira Showers

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  • There is nothing better than a nice soak in the bath!

  • Oh a bath! I wish we had a bathtub!!!

    • It’s one of the things that I most love about this flat- actually having a bath tub this time! x

  • Holy crap – Amanda, you have a ton of followers!? Nice work.

    On another note; I have never been into bath stuff however!- if someone gave me all of that stuff as a gift I would not be against trying it all out. I’m sure it’s lovely.

  • My Lush addiction has gotten ridiculously out of hand. I literally have a bath bomb storage box in my bathroom. Lol

    • Haha what do you store them in? xx

      • I store them in a box near my tub. I know it’s better to wrap them in plastic bags and such but I love unwrapping them and leaving them as decoration the the box until I actually use them 🙂

  • haha you’re making me wish I did have a bath in our flat!!

  • A bath caddy??? Ok I need that in my life!!

  • Milli

    What I would do for that Bath Robe right now!

  • I do exactly the same thing once a month. It is so important because I get so easily stressed!

    • On no! Is there are particular reason why you are so stressed right now? xx

      • Christmas, trying for a family, people being laid off at work – everything seems to have piled on top of me at once! So once a month I plan a major relaxation time. I just visited Lush for bath bombs, hopefully that will sort me out!

        • Oh wow! Big hugs! You definitely deserve some relaxation time! Are you two trying for a little one then? xx

          • Yeah, but we have been for about 5 months now so it looks like it might not be such an easy journey for us, which is fine – we are used to journeys not being easy!!

          • Big hugs to you! xxxx