December Sponsor Roundup

It’s the last sponsor roundup of 2015! How insane! This year has really flown by. So without further ado I want to present the lovely ladies that have made up my December sponsors. 

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Dixie is my newest read of all my sponsors and her blog is so sweet. She’s incredibly well traveled too! She’s originally from a little town in South Celebes, before moving to Bandung (Indonesia), then Southampton. You have to take a look at her 10 favourite holiday destinations (I’ve only been to two of them!). To get to know her a bit better, you should read her post on her all-time favourite books. Because nothing gives you more insight into a person than knowing that they love to read.  And like a girl after my own heart, Dixie also loves Christmas so I recommend her festive post on the best things about Christmas. 

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Kate is a fantastic blogger based in Boston. And not only is she a fabulous blogger, but she’s actually an author and her way with words shines through all her posts. I think Kate is incredibly brave and she never shies away from blogging about having a chronic illness. For those, like me, who sometimes struggle balancing work, blogging and my personal life, Kate has a well laid out schedule on how to blog with limited time. And in honour of the holidays, Kate has been coming up with some great gift guides, and I know this one for bloggers will interest many readers.

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I’m so excited to have Jasmin back on my sidebar. Originally from New Zealand, she lives in London. (Which is good for the likes of me because then I can bump into her at blog events.) If anyone needs any blogging tech advice, I advise going and searching through Jasmin’s blog because she really does offer some great snippets. Just take a look at her tips to drive traffic to your blog. I am also crazy impressed at just how many different places Jasmin has been to! And her love of adventure even feeds into her gift guides.


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I’m thrilled that Honey is back this month sponsoring me again! One of the things that I most admire about her is her ability to write very balanced reviews: if she doesn’t enjoy something, she’s not afraid to mention it. Honey is pretty much the perfect embodiment that a comped meal can be fairly reviewed. If you want to see the largest steak I’ve ever seen, read her post on the Papa Francesco restaurant in Milan. And her review of brunch at Roka Aldwych had me absolutely salivating. And if you want to read a post that somehow combines seeing penises (sort of) and brunch at the same time, take a peak at her post on Bunga Bunga.

Also reading Foreign Geek || Country Mouse Claire || Route Bliss 

Are any of these fab reads new to you? 

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