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The other weekend, after a lazy morning, I needed to go out and run some errands and realised with a groan that all of my own jeans were dirty. And whilst dresses are usually my staple, I just couldn’t be bothered to put on tights. But the lure of Sam’s jeans kept drawing me in. Not just women’s jeans in the “boyfriend jeans” style, but actual ones. I didn’t care if they were unflattering they felt supremely comfy on. It was like leaving the house in pyjamas. 

I’ve given boyfriend jeans a go but from the women’s section and the comfort just doesn’t compete with actual men’s jeans. I’ll never cast another eye at ladies boyfriend jeans again. It was almost enough to make me cast aside my skinny jeans. Almost. The fit on these is slightly saggy in the waist, but a good belt would cure that issue. (Alas, I couldn’t find one that morning either. The wardrobe organisation gods were not shining upon me.) And it is slightly mortifying to know that Sam has a bigger butt than I have. 

To balance the loose fit of the jeans, I paired them with a more fitted t-shirt. A slap of red lipstick also helped me feel instantly more put together. 

You may have to avert your eyes away from my whiteness. 

purple sideways
boyfriend jeans and red hair
sideways blue

mid shot
so pale!
I am currently the palest person on the planet. 
boyfriend jeans

Jeans || Cardigan || Top || Shoes || Hat || Lipstick

Don’t fear for the coldness of my arms, the jumper-less photos were literally across the street from our flat. 

Are there any men’s fashion items that you just love to borrow? 

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