Life Lately || Santa Claus is Coming to Town…

Happy almost Christmas everyone! Can you believe it’s only a week away?! I say it all the time, but time is really flying by right now. I almost wish it would slow down just a little. But then again, I have something really exciting to look forward to this upcoming summer…. 

christmas collage
>>>After having such great luck with my Debenhams flowers in the early fall, I was super excited to have the opportunity to receive one of their festive bouquets to amp up the Christmas drama around the flat. After spending an embarrassing amount of time trying to pick out which bouquet I wanted (because they are all such beautiful flowers) I finally settled on the Festive Rose and Tulips Bouquet because I loved how vibrantly red it was! But my favourite aspect of the bouquet were the little sprigs of red hypericum berries which look like beautifully poisonous cranberries. 

debenhams christmas flowers

red roses

Just as before, the flowers arrived extremely promptly at our flat and in perfect condition. Debenhams really packages them with thought and care. I’m such a proponent of Debenhams flowers that I recently sent my sister-in-law a house warming bouquet from Debenhams Flowers (truly, that’s a completely unsponsored action!) 
festive rose and tulips
debenhams flowers

If you want to order flowers for someone special in your life, or if you just want your home to be at its Christmas finest for the big day, make sure you place your order by December 23rd or else you won’t get them in time. 
christmas flowers

Debenhams has very kindly provided my readers a discount code! (And one that has no expiry date at that!) The code is: DFBLOG25 The only flowers that are exempt from the discount is the small “Flowers by Post” range. 

These flowers were given to me by Debenhams to review, but all opinions are solely my own, and based off of reviewing their product in the past, I’ve since ordered and spent my own money on their products.

>>> I received a Christmas hamper in the post. It’s an English tradition that I can fully get on board with. Who doesn’t want to be gifted an excess of wine and cheese?

>>> You’ll probably remember earlier this fall that I attended an afternoon tea with Bettys when they were down in London. Completely unexpectedly, a box of mince pies turned up on my doorstep from Bettys just to wish me a merry Christmas. These are like next level mince pies. I’ve been completely spoiled. I’ll never eat one from Sainsburys again (sorry Sainsburys). Also the fact that Bettys just sent them over out of the kindness of their hearts is phenomenal customer service. Out of the dozen that touched down, we may or may not only have a few left. 
mince pies
bettys mince pies

>>> I got to fit in many a snuggle with Sam’s nephew this week. He is just perfection. 

>>> I also had a Lush gift box touch down, and like the naughty little minx I can be I went ahead and opened it. I am in Lush heaven. I’m getting to try products that I’ve always wanted to, but have always hesitated to splurge on. 
lush wrapped lush christmas products lush box

>>> I’m still winning the Advent Calendar battle. Fingers crossed for my 3rd straight victory!

>>>  Sam and I managed to squeeze in a visit to WinterWonderland. It’s been over 5 years in the making, but I finally convinced Sam to go on the big swings with me despite his fear of heights! 

>>> Last weekend, I tried Mother Clucker for the first time. Now I know what everyone else rants and raves about. I’ve been dreaming of a repeat visit. 

>>> I saw “Krampus” at the cinema. You could tell it really wanted to be “Gremlins” (with the blend of Christmas and horror and comedy) but “Gremlins” it was not. That being said, I was never un-entertained…so…success?

>>> The trailer for “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” was released this week, you bet that I watched it immediately. I’m excited to see it and terrified that it’s going to be bad all at the same time! 

Sam’s working again all weekend, but I’m hoping to use my alone time to catch up on some chores and do some festive baking. What are your weekend plans? 


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