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At the beginning of December, I went on a quick overnight trip to Guildford to get some work done. I’d only been once before when Sam and I were doing the Farnham to Guildford stretch of the North Downs Way.  However, due to my slightly embarrassing love of “Great Canal Journeys” I saw Tim and Pru travel down the canals in and around Guildford.

I managed to squeeze in a bit of sightseeing on my quick December trip.  Coincidentally, the day that I was there was one of the few days the High Street in the town centre was closed for the Christmas market. I was absolutely astonished at how lovely the High Street was with it’s cobblestone streets and it’s Guildhall clock. I also made quite the long and steep walk to Guildford Cathedral to have a nose around. I was surprised by the cathedral; it’s quite modern in build, and not at all what I was expecting. I got to explore around the castle as well, but that’s unfortunately undocumented as it was already dark. 

Also, most excitingly, after ages spent looking for a wedding ring: in all the high street shops in London, in pretty much every single store and kiosk in Hatton Garden, I finally found something that I liked in a tiny family jewellers in Guildford call Whibleys.  I just popped in on a whim and was astonished to find exactly what I had been looking for all along. 

One of the craziest things about the area is that even though it’s technically a London commuter town, it’s actually quicker to get in to central London via the direct train than it is for me to get into central London living in London. 

imitating statue
three pigeons pub
in an alley
christmas market guildford
christmas market
clock on the high street
beautiful clock
imitating another statue
looking at the canal
waterways of guildford
taking photos of ducks

Have you ever been to Guildford? 

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  • Wow what a beautiful little spot, they obviously take a lot of pride in there town! Your hair looks STUNNING! Did you buy the ring?
    Bee |

  • It looks charming!

  • Love your statue poses 🙂

  • Beautiful! The little local jewelers are the best places to look for rings 🙂

    • Definitely! I didn’t have any luck with the local jewellers in London, but who knew going outside the city was key?! xx

  • Ive never really explored Guildford despite driving through a few times. It’s crazy how quick you can get into London from the commuter towns, some of the trains are just awesome.

    Jasmin Charlotte x

  • It looks lovely! Your hair is incredible 🙂

  • Woohoo! I love it when you find something hard to track down!

  • Looks like it was cold

  • MissLilly

    Yes I did, several times. There are some really nice pubs around and it has such a lovely village feeling. Also you’re next door to surrey hills. Guildford is small (as compared to London), but you feel safe and the schools are really good in the area. It’s actually quite expensive to get accommodation in Guildford. It takes around 30/40m to get into waterloo and it also has good links to Reading

    • Yep, definitely! It takes me less time to get a train to Guildford from Waterloo than it takes me to get to central London from where I live IN London. London has absolutely ruined accommodation for me. Now everywhere I go I think is “cheap” in comparison. It’s all relative, isn’t it? Merry early Christmas!

      • MissLilly

        well yes indeed! My mortgage in Portugal is a utility bill in London 😐 Enjoy your Christmas 🙂

        • You may have just convinced me to move to Portugal 😉 xx

          • MissLilly

            hahahaahha it’s so cheap (as compared to London) and the weather is just gorgeous, not mentioning the food. The trouble is the job market, this is why I’m in UK instead. One day! At least I know where I’m going for retirement hahahahahah sunshine-land

          • Sounds like the perfect retirement! xx

  • You do a pretty great statue imitation! 😉 xx