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London || Winterville

Winterville is kind of marketed like a hipster version of Winter Wonderland. Basically, I went to it expecting to love it, and it absolutely did not disappoint. 

It has classic winter fair fare like, ice rinks, rides, food tents, market stalls and many mulled drinks, but with a slight spin on all of them. In particular, I’d love to go back to attend the Backyard Cinema (a cinema set up in a magical forest, essentially.) There were tons of things that I wanted to purchase in the Pop Up Shop and especially in the Bizarre Bazaar. 

I managed to coax Sam onto the giant swings, and we enjoyed a beautiful but frigid panoramic view of London. (No easy feat considering his immense fear of heights). After that, Sam needed a calming beverage, so we popped into the Backyard Cinema bar for mulled ciders. By then we’d both worked up an appetite, and it was time to head into the food market. This is where Winterville truly excels. Instead of mildly gross but traditional fairground food like you would find at Winter Wonderland (sausages, fries, cotton candy), Winterville had amazing food truck options on offer. I indulged in a portion of Mother Clucker for some out of this world fried chicken, whilst Sam opted for a cheeseburger and fries from Holycow Burgers

Just the best part of Winterville? Even on a Friday evening it wasn’t that crowded. It was all the joy of Winter Wonderland but with better food and a lot less people. Ideal. 

winterville ride taking photos swings rides
more wheelgroundsgiant wheel
barbar humbug
enjoying drinks
fairy wands
mother clucker
christmas trees
christmas jumper

I highly recommend Winterville and I’ll be back next year, for sure! 

Have you gone to Winterville? Or made it over to Victoria Park, in general? 

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