Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

In December, I popped just a short distance down the road to Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. (I was tipped off by the lovely Abigail from the Snug Blog). An old Army Centre exterior temporarily held delights within. Pursuing vintage fashion whilst eating dainty cakes is my idea of heaven. Judy’s travels around the UK so you can see if it’s coming to a town near you anytime soon. 

I went early so it was delightfully empty for my perusing. The 50’s tea dress is one of the silhouettes that I feel most comfortable in, and I have quite the affinity for some 60s draping as well. (Though I’d usually skip out of the 70s and 80s stylistically).

I left the fair empty-handed but only because of our upcoming 2016 money sinks, not because there weren’t some really affordable pieces. I did almost succumb to the siren song of a beautiful vintage fur coat for under Β£60. There were slightly fewer stalls than I expected, but you could still manage to find everything on sale: from clothing to accessories, to furniture to teacups. 

You do need to pay an entry fee (usually around Β£2). But for the deals available, and the sheer entertainment valuing found in a morning of browsing, it’s well worth it. 

vintage fair
judy's affordable
outside the building
An inauspicious outside, masking the delights within. 

jewellryjacketsinside the vintage fairhatsearringscups and saucers
I was also tempted by the cow….

What’s your favourite vintage fair / car-boot sale around? 

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  • What pretty pictures! I haven’t been to a good vintage spot in ages, but you’re inspiring me to find one!

    • Ohh, I think there’s a vintage kilo sale in East London this weekend. (Β£15 per kilo of clothes, I believe!) xx

  • Aww so beautiful! I definitely would have been tempted by those handbags. I love vintage shopping. I’m sad that I only got to experience one car boot sale when I was over there. I LOVED it and got some of my very best old books there. We should go vintage shopping when I come in Feb! I am determined to buy a used leather jacket and not spend a fortune…so maybe that’s less vintage and more ‘Goodwill’ eh? xx

    • I’m a terrible materialist. It’s definitely one of my vices. I’ll admit it: I like things. And yes, let’s do some shopping while you are here! xxxx

  • That looks like fun. I’ve never bern to a vintagr sale like that but there id a great vintage store near my apsrtment in Vilnius

  • Ooooh I love the costume jewellery at vintage fairs. Costume jewellery is my thing. For my 21st all I wanted was costume jewellery and my mum was all “but I want to get you something decent”. Haha

    • I used to be all about clip on earrings. For no good reason whatsoever since both my ears are pierced multiple times…. And I have been none to rock a good granny brooch occasionally…. ;/ xx

  • Did you go through to the tea room? I had such a dreamy ‘cloud cake’ there and tea in vintage china, it was perfect! If Lou Lou’s vintage fair comes this way definitely head over – it’s my favourite one by far πŸ™‚

  • Aw I went to a fair like that once in St Andrews and loved it! Though I definitely think you need to take a lot of time to really look through to find some hidden gems πŸ™‚

    • I think Judy’s was just in St Andrews fairly recently. And that’s the thing with this type of sale – if you aren’t in the mood to patiently sort through mounds of clothes in crowded rooms, done go – it’ll be more painful than pleasurable and just want till the next one rolls around! xx