Life Lately || 10 Happy Things

Since it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts, it has to span the length of a few weeks so please bear with me! Here’s to the first life lately / 10 happy things of 2016!
first 10 of 2016

>>> I had a wonderful Christmas with Sam’s family. I blogged my Christmas recap last week, if you want to catch up. The holiday season already seems really far in the past already.

>>> In full disclosure, I worked on-call on New Year’s Eve, so I spent most of the day frustrated that I couldn’t celebrate and in a panic for a large portion of it. But by 11 pm things had managed to settle down and I was able to relish a new and exciting year. 

>>> Whilst “Making a Murderer” definitely isn’t a happy show, I was hooked. Sam and I managed to smash our way through the series over Christmas. I won’t post any spoilers here, but there were several times that we had to stop watching the series while I dissolved into full-blown sobs. 

>>> I can now run for 20 minutes without stopping. This obviously doesn’t seem like very much but at the beginning of December, I could do about 1 minute before wanting to kill myself. I still don’t find running fun or enjoyable in the slightest but I like being outside and I know that I need to exercise more. 

>>> I’ve been supremely stressed lately and Sam has been my rock. I know that my stress can also make him stressed but he’s been so supportive that I wanted to give him a shout out of appreciation! 

>>> It is the year of our wedding! As we approach our engagement anniversary, I get super excited thinking that we are finally in a real countdown zone. The other night I got my first message from one of my bridesmaids saying that she’d booked her flight. I’m going to totally throw this out in the interwebs for everyone to know: Sam has done way more wedding planning than I have. We’ve split all the decision making, and I’ve done all the designing so far, but he’s the one that’s done all the booking and the admin work. What a keeper. (I probably won’t get bored of talking about the “w” word for the next 6 months.) 

>>> You know the wizard cloaks otherwise known as “slankets” or “snuggies”? Well Sam got me one for Christmas. I am currently sat wrapped up in it on the sofa writing this post. I love it. No shame. Yes it’s a blanket with arms but it keeps you more warm than a blanket and provides much more coverage than wearing a robe backwards.  I may look like a mad spinster, but if Sam doesn’t love me for who I am then it’s the slanket way or the highway. 

>>> Great news: I saw a dog today! (name the film). I really did spend time with a dog today. She is a friend’s dog, a tiny chihuahua called Stella and she is excellent – small, licky and magnificent. I only got to hang out with her for a little while but it made my heart glow. I. Want. A. Puppy.

>>> I let Sam talk me into seeing “Star Wars” even though I had 0 desire to actually go and see it. It was not that bad in the end. It was far, far better than the first 3 that came out in noughties, and it has Adam Driver (who I will now always refer to as “Girls Vader”).

>>> We managed to grab Barclay’s Β£10 tickets to see “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” at the Donmar Warehouse last week. It was good fun to get to see Dominic West on stage in action. Plus the play holds a special place in my heart, because its the first one that we did when I was at drama school for my MA.

What’s been new with you lately? Let me know! 


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  • It sounds like you have had such a fab few weeks! We’re only 2 episodes in to Making a Murderer – I am hooked already! x

    Sophie Cliff

    • I think it was either episode 3 or 4 that just absolutely destroyed my emotions – just as a warning! xx

  • Well done on the running – it’s all so much easier once you’ve hit the 20 minute mark! I need to get back on it after falling off the running wagon completely in December with lots of illness. The thought of getting out there is not remotely appealing. Also, I seem to be the only person not watching Making a Murderer – is it Netflix only?

    • It is Netflix only. We managed to watch it all between Christmas Eve and the end of that weekend. (Embarrassing! ) xx

      • Haha, I’m a terrible binge watcher too! Sadly no Netflix though, so I’ll be missing out on this one πŸ™

        • Does Netflix offer a month long free trial? If so you could always sign up and cancel. ….I may or may not know someone who did that with Amazon Prime …… ;D xx

          • I’m seriously considering it! We do already have Amazon Prime though, so although we debated signing up to Netflix, I’m not sure we would do it without a free trial… Knowing us though, we’d end up keeping it – I hear the catalogue is much better than Prime’s UK catalogue.

  • When I first started running it took me so long to get into it, and now I am hooked. And yay for year of the wedding!

    • You must have some crazy running skills though – you’re now a NYC marathon alum! How long did it take you to get into it? xx

      • It took me awhile to get into it, I actually started walking a few miles a week with a girlfriend, and then we started running half of it, and from there I just kept increasing it. Some days I love running, other days I still struggle with it. Running is tough for sure, great job on your runs!

  • Ala

    I’m so excited for you and the ‘w’ word! Also, samesies on the star wars thing… snoooooreeee zzzzzzzzzzz hehe x

    • This is going to be a huge sweeping generalisation….but….I just find outer space boring… I get that it should be exciting. But. Meh? xx

  • Aw I hope the stress calms down soon!! So exciting about the wedding, want to hear all about it! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Thanks Jasmin! I just need to get through January and then everything calms down a bit till April or so (when work picks back up).

      Hopefully as the time gets closer, I’ll have some more interesting wedding updates to give. xxx

  • I sort of forgot everything when I got to the year of your wedding bit – SO EXCITING! Oh and slankets. Because, slankets.
    M x

  • Yay, wedding year! I felt the same when the year changed to 2015… like, it’s really happening! And that will be so cool to see Dominic West live! Never heard him without his fake American accent on the Wire.
    Also: I’m 1.5 episodes in to “Making a Murderer” and I’m feeling a little meh about it… wondering if I should bother continuing if I know sorta what happens already….

    • I think the appeal of it isn’t the surprise because it’s fairly obvious what the outcome is going to be, but the further miscarriages of justice just keep growing exponentially as does the affect on the family, community (other people get dragged down with it). It’s both fascinating and disgusting to watch how the criminal justice system in America can fail/be abused. x

  • Miu

    Congratulations for being able to run for 20 minutes now! But I wonder, why don’t you choose an exercise that you like instead of running?

  • My office heat doesn’t work (and it was a brisk 25 degrees here in Colorado today), so I’m seriously considering getting a snuggie to have at work.

  • 20 mins of running is very good! I definitely also need to get back on the running bandwagon soon. I loved the new Star Wars – and i do find Adam Driver great even as the new evil πŸ™‚

    • I really like Adam Driver too. And I can’t rationalise it, his voice should be slightly annoying but I still like him! xx

  • I LOVE this post – it’s good to look back & acknowledge the frustrations and enjoy the delight! (Why I’m sounding like an infomercial today I don’t know…)

  • Does the slankie have a matching hat?!?! I NEED TO KNOW XD

  • I have excellent intentions of doing a couch-5k. They have not amounted to anything yet. Running 20 minutes without stopping is amazing, so good job!

    Supportive SOs make all the difference in the world. Mad props to Sam!

    • It’s the most I’ve ever been able to run in my life so baby-steps, I guess! I downloaded a couch to 5k podcast and it’s really made all the difference! xx