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London || Dishoom

On my fay of fun with TravelEx, I decided that Dishoom must be the priority restaurant for any London visitor. Especially since it was recently voted England’s Best Restaurant. And because I am a brunch addict, there was no way that I was going to miss out on the chance to have brunch there. 

We went to the Covent Garden location and arrived around 11 am. There was a queue, but we were seated within 20 minutes. I’d heard that Dishoom was famous for it’s (unlimited!) chai, and it was immediately ordered. I usually avoid chai because it can be too sweet, in my opinion, but Dishoom’s was the perfect blend of sweet, spicy and creamy. The coffee was delicious too, and my latte went down a treat. As did the breakfast cocktail that I ordered (because it was brunch), The Dhoble, a fantastic blend of orange juice, gin and maraschino liqueur. 

I ordered the bacon naan and could sing its praises all day. The naan was fantastic, and when you slather it in cream cheese, cilantro and top it with bacon it’s a recipe for success. I owe a lot to that humble herb, cilantro (coriander), as it’s one of my favourite ways to make a dish more exciting. Sam had the akuri, which was spicy eggs served alongside grilled tomatoes and pau buns. The buns were perfect for soaking up the egg juices and they eggs themselves were perfectly cooked and packed a bit of heat. We also shared a side of fire toast. I can now say that all toast should be fire toast; thick slices of bloomer chargrilled and served with pineapple-pink-peppercorn jam, and tangy orange marmalade with star anise. Yes! Get in my tummy! And then finished it off by sharing a side of some rich, grilled mushrooms.

I couldn’t recommend Dishoom more highly. Styled on classic Bombay cafes, it hit all the right notes: comfortable, delicious and affordably priced. I’ll definitely brave the queue to come back to Dishoom again. Hopefully next time for dinner so I can sample the cheese naan and the black daal. 

Our brunch for two (including cocktails) totalled around £30. 

queue outside dishoom lights interior
food coming out of kitchen
One of many glasses of unlimited chai. 
breakfast cocktail
The Dhoble cocktail. 
bacon naan roll
bacon naan again
Take a gander at that bacon naan. 
inside bacon naan
fire toast
Fire toast in all it’s glory! 
A delicious side of grilled mushrooms. 
curry eggs
Akuri (spicy eggs and pau buns).
dishoom brunch

Have you managed to try Dishoom yet? What’s your favourite thing on the menu? 

*Travelex provided my funds for my day out, but how I spent them and all my opinions are solely my own. For the US TravelEx site, click here.

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  • Ooooh Dishoom!! Be still my growling tummy! Aren’t the flavours just brilliant!?

  • Mmmm, this post has definitely reminded my stomach that I need to have breakfast!! Unlimited chai?! I definitely have to try it out! xxx

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    The bacon naan looks delicious!

  • I have only been to Dishoom for dinner but am desperate to go for the brunch everyone raves about it.

    Emma Inks

  • YUM! I see people instagram this place all the time, and coriander really does make everything better, put some on my salad today for lunch. That bacon naan looks way better than salad though.

  • I swear, when you’re on a diet you want ALL THE FOOD, but this has got my stomach CRIPPLING. It looks so good!
    Bee |

    • There are definitely some calorie friendly brunch items at Dishoom. But bacon naan definitely isn’t one of them, although it is delicious! xx

  • That looks really good! I wish I could eat that bacon naan right now for breakfast:P