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Over the past weekend, London was awash with beautiful lights. Lumiere London was up. Between Thursday and Sunday, every evening between 6:30 pm- 10:30 pm London was transformed by 3D projections, interactive installations, and other stunning light combinations. My favourite pieces were those that worked some of the most iconic architecture in London, such as Westminster Abbey, into their pieces. 

All the installations were spread through Mayfair, Oxford Circus/Regent Street, King’s Cross and Westminster. I was dazzled. And though I am usually one to avoid the crowds of Central London on a weekend evening, I’d definitely go back should the festival take place again in the future. We managed the entirety of the event on foot, and though it made for a really long walk in parts, it ensured that we didn’t miss out on anything. All in all, I’d say that we spent from 6:30pm – 10:30pm walking around enjoying it all, with only brief stops for hot chocolate refills. 

My favourite installation by far was the one projected onto Westminster Abbey, but the flying whale like creatures on Oxford Street and the phone booth turned aquarium were close seconds! 

Westminster Abbey.
westminster abbey westminster detail
trafalgar square
Trafalgar Square. 
sitting man
light man
flying man
near oxford citcus
light garden
flying whales
Flying whale creatures. 
fish phone booth
The telephone booth that was transformed into an actual aquarium! 
st pancras tunnel
green dress
diving man
colour tunnelbottles
lumiere london
Did you manage to catch any of Lumiere London? What was your favourite piece?

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