Happy Birthday Rhyme & Ribbons!

This week, Rhyme & Ribbons turned 3, which is a pretty huge milestone for me. I might not have had any exponential growth, or gone viral, or made a living by blogging full-time, but I have had steady growth, some amazing opportunities provided for me through blogging, plus made some wonderful friends. 

happy birthday

I would be a terrible blog-mother if I didn’t at least mention that I’m so incredibly proud of this space. It’s not the most-popular or the fastest-growing or the chicest or the most original, but it is mine. It’s something that I think about and work on every day and I love it. It’s provided me with an arena to grow my photography skills, develop my food styling, and comforted me when I’ve felt like my day-to-day job doesn’t allow me to work creatively. 

Blogging gets a bad reputation sometimes; from “blagging” to full-time bloggers being told their jobs aren’t “real” to others being accused of perpetuating stereotypes of perfection on social media. But I can only be grateful to blogging. Would I love to be a full-time blogger one day? Sure. But that doesn’t stem from a desire to “get things for free” it comes from loving to write and to take photographs and to work on creative projects on a daily basis. 

I can only be grateful for blogging. It’s introduced me to some amazing people, and I’ve made some wonderful friendships from it. If it wasn’t for this space, I wouldn’t have gotten to know one of my bridesmaids. Rather than taking over my life and free time, Rhyme & Ribbons gave me the creative life-raft I needed when I saw my chances of living a life fully engaged in theatre dwindling. Although blogging can be a source of stress, for me, it’s mostly a source of joy. 

I am forever grateful to it, and for you, its readers. 

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