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Happy Friday everyone! I am thrilled for the weekend to be here. For some reason, my sleep has been rubbish this week and I’ve been waking up at the crack of dawn and laying in bed wishing I could fall back to sleep pretty much every morning this week. 
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>>>First and foremost, I want to top this list with the fact that my visa renewal was approved. It had been weighing so heavily on my mind and we hadn’t even bothered to do any wedding planning since before Christmas since we had this big hurdle to get over first. And next time I need to renew my visa, it will be in the summer of 2018 and I’ll qualify for ILR and I’ll hopefully never have to apply for an English visa ever again after that. 

>>> We’ve gotten back on track with some wedding planning this week, now that the visa stress is over, and it’s very exciting!

>>>Lindsay is back in town and I was lucky enough to squeeze in some time with that very in demand lady. I got to see her on Valentine’s Day, and it’s become somewhat of a tradition for us to have brunch on V-Day. 

>>>Girl Scout cookies. Enough said. But the lovely Lindsay brought me some Thin Mints from America. Aka the best of cookies. I’ve been trying to ration them out but that’s not going particularly well. 

>>>Valentine’s Day was lovely. Sam and I spent the evening eating take-away noodles, cuddling, playing games and watching the BAFTAs. Sickening, right? 

>>> At work on Saturday, one of my students got me a flower.  I was so touched by her thoughtfulness! 

>>> I got to spend a fabulous dinner with the wonderful Emma on Wednesday. I’m excited to write more about it later! 

>>> I’ve been loving the fact that most days there is some light out there still when I finish up work. Wonderful! 

>>> Our local train station here in SE London, has an amazing book swap library, and this week I managed to snag a copy of a book that I’ve been meaning to read for ages, “How to be a Heroine” by Samantha Ellis. 

>>>I got up to 45 minutes of straight running this week – my longest stretch so far!

What are you most excited about this weekend? 

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