Life Lately | 10 Things That Made Me Happy

Happy Friday everyone! I hope this first week in February has treated everyone well! 
>>> I had a wonderful afternoon tea at Bea’s of Bloomsbury with work over the weekend. 

>>> After next week, my life will get significantly less stressful. Work will calm down a little bit, and hopefully my visa stress will be over. 

>>> I’m back to being a brunette. RIP red hair.

>>> My wedding dress touched down in the shop and I got to try my very own dress on and start booking my tailoring appointments. 

>>> Fraudsters had my bank account information, so whilst the bank sorts it out and makes sure I’m safe for the future, I’ve been without access to my account and personal funds all week. I’m very grateful to Sam for having my back when the banking gods are trying to destroy me. 

>>> Something really cool happened to Sam this week. My lips are sealed, but it was pretty cool. 

>>> I’ve gotten up to 40 minutes of non-stop running, which I am pretty proud of. 

>>> I am working on a killer-cold this week, so I treated myself to the strangest of things; a Lush bath. What is it about that pink unicorn water? 

>>> Rhyme & Ribbons turned 3 this week. Hurray! 

>>> It was light until almost 5pm this week. Now that is a victory for everyone! 

What are your plans for the weekend? 

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  • Woo 40 minutes of running is an awesome achievement! You’ll be doing a 10km in no time!

    • Thanks Jasmin – it feels like a big deal to me since I’ve always been the anti-runner before! x

  • You are doing awesome on your running!!! And how exciting that your wedding dress has arrived!

  • 40 minutes of running is very impressive! I am SO happy about the lighter evenings too πŸ™‚ Hope you get your bank stuff sorted – that kind of thing is such a nightmare. xxx

    • I’ve spent hours on the phone with HSBC this week. It should all be okay now – fingers crossed – and now I just have to wait to get a new card issued. xx

  • I am LOVING the lighter evenings! Before we know it it’ll be light until 10pm! The days just feel so much nicer when it’s light outside for longer. Bring on the sun!! You’ve had a really lovely week by the looks of things, other than the fraud – that once happened to me too, it’s so unnerving to wonder how on earth they got your details! Hoep it gets sorted soon! Alice xx

    • Definitely unnerving – I don’t ever get cash out so it couldn’t have been from a cashpoint, whenever I buy anything online I use paypal so it must have been from a physical store somehow which is really scary! (And frustrating) But hopefully it’s all good and sorted now! xx

  • Beautiful pictures, the cake looks delicious! Running for 40 minutes straight is a great achievement, that’s definitely something to be proud of! x Oh and Happy Blogiversary! xx

  • Good for you for going back to brunette! I am still at the ‘yes/no’ stage of deciding. Currently blond, thinking of some changes. Last time I decided to be brunette it lasted for 3 h.

    Connect with me:

    • I definitely restless hair syndrome – I never stay one shade for too long. I always say, if your gut wants a hair change, just do it – you can always go back πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Holy crapballs 40 minutes of running is like basically an Olympic athlete to me so way to go!! Bank shit sucks too, last year Fredrik and I both had our cards hacked so frustrating!

    • Agh! Both of you at once? That’s awful! I don’t know what we would have done if neither of us had working debit cards! x

  • Oh well done, it feels bloody brilliant when you get to the end of such a long run – your legs are tired and your lungs hurt but wow does it feel good! Super duper exciting wedding dress news and I’m really sorry about your banking nasties, happened to me just before Chrimbo, what an utter palaver.
    M x

    • Oof- definitely don’t envy you having banking problems before Christmas, what a terrible time of year to get struck down! xx

  • honey,how are you

  • Pink unicorn water is just the best isn’t it!

  • Staying lighter longer is great. I don’t think i’ve ever really been that bothered about the whole dark winters before, I don’t know why, but at the moment I can’t wait for it be lighter longer!
    How come you got rid of the red hair?
    Amy at Amy & More

    • Ha, basically I had inches of roots showing and I needed to get some photos done for professional development stuff and didn’t want to be stuck with a hair faux pas for the next few years πŸ˜‰

  • Ala

    So exciting for the wedding dress fittings! Bet it’s starting to feel really real now hehe and congratulations on R&R being 3 you run a fab blog with such an engaged readership woop! x

    • It is starting to feel real. My visa gets renewed this week (Friday eek!) so it’s always been the more pressing thing that’s happening so once I get over this hurdle (if I do, fingers crossed!) then the wedding will become much, much more real! x

  • Wow so many things! First 40 minutes is amazing, go you! Two, go Sam for whatever has happened to him and for having your back – it’s definitely great to have someone you trust and can lean on when this bullshit happens to you! Hope it gets sorted soon! Aw RIP red hair, did you just decide to go back to brown or its growing out and too much of a hassle?xx

    • It was just growing out too quickly. And for budget concerns, I trusted myself to dye it back to brown, I didn’t trust myself to amend the red colour I do miss it though. I might test the work waters and see how they’d feel about some post wedding blue hair…. (probably not a positively, I’d wager, but worth an ask) πŸ™‚ x