Life Lately || Happy Thoughts + a Giveaway

Hello everyone! As you read this post, I am patiently and anxiously awaiting the visa news that I so desperately need at my local immigration centre. Please send me all the good vibes that you might possibly possess. 

While this prep and worry has dominated my week, don’t fear! It hasn’t all been doom and gloom!  stonehenge thorntons chocolates
He’s my new Thorntons  Bear. I’ve named him Teddy for obvious reasons. 

>>> I’ve teamed up with Thorntons to treat one special reader to some chocolates just in time for Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty partial to Thorntons chocolate and praline nuggets myself. Just click the giveaway below and one happy reader will be rolling in the sweet stuff.

Apologies, but the giveaway is open to UK readers only, although I still love all my international readers dearly.  Thorntons is giving away a beautiful and delicious Continental Chocolate Heart. Check out their Valentine’s Day page for some more inspiration! 

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>>> The X-files is back on TV and Mulder is as foxy as ever. Yes, he’s aged 15 years, but it’s just so nice to have my favourite duo back on TV that I will overlook all flaws. I watched them all on TV when the X Files aired back in the day, and I re-watched them all on Netflix a few years ago, and more recently as a proud owner of all episodes on DVD, I forced Sam to watch them all too to prepare for this mighty occasion. I want to believe. 

>>> Although my cold has settled in my chest, that nasty beast is on it’s way out (hopefully). It was one of the worst colds to strike me down for a while, and doing my first run last night in over a week was hard.

>>> I picked my wedding ring up from the jewellers. I had ordered it back at the beginning of December and it finally came in. It is utterly beautiful and I wish I was already wearing it. 

>>> Lindsay touched down in London. She doesn’t know it yet, but I am fully planning on monopolising all her time during her visit. 

>>> I didn’t get to eat pancakes on Tuesday (shocker!) because I was still sick and I worked late and didn’t get home till after 9, but I’m hoping to go crazy with piles of celebratory pancakes this weekend. Unless the UK doesn’t want me here anymore, in which case I will be weeping desperately into a soggy pancake. 

>>> I was able to go to Stonehenge and Bath with work this weekend. It’s a trip that I do about 3 times a year, but it never gets old.

>>> This week’s small victory for Bernie had me grinning away!

>>> Call me a sucker, but I do love Valentine’s Day, and I’m always up for flowers and romance. 

Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans for the weekend? 

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