Life Lately || Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been absolutely loving that it’s light out when I leave work – now I just need it to warm up a bit too! 
>>> I spent a wonderful Sunday traipsing around the Heath with Sam and Lindsay followed by a fabulous Sunday roast at The Flask. I mentioned it yesterday, but won’t be blogging about the Flask in detail because I shoved the food into my mouth too quickly. Blogger fail.

>>> After a brief palaver, by shiny new BRP card is here! 

>>> I was able to further monopolise Lindsay’s time and meet up with her after work on Tuesday. 

>>> Sam has been taking a bazillion headshots lately and I am super proud of him. Check his website out! 

>>> I got a very cheerful Valentine’s Day package from my mom, filled with some of my favourite American goodies, but since I gave candy up for Lent everything has to sit in a cupboard, taunting me!

>>> Sam thinks he’s found his wedding outfit, which is very exciting.

>>> Eating portions of chips (fries) for dinner on Tuesday might not have been the most healthy option, but it certainly made for a delicious dinner. (At the Dartmouth Arms near Forest Hill Station- a really lovely pub!) 

>>> I read Samantha Ellis’ “How to Be a Heroine” and I loved it. It was wonderful. It goes straight to the top of my current book recommendations list.

>>> I’ve finally found a new black blazer to replace my burrito stained one. 

>>> I was at Polpo and instead of ordering a main like a normal person, I ordered a double portion of the chickpea and ricotta balls. They were glorious and I regret nothing.

What are you happy about this week?


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  • I need to know more about these chickpea and ricotta balls!!!

    • They are incredible tasting. I’m going to try to replicate their recipe and post it, because I just cant get over how delicious they are! xx

  • Finding the perfect black blazer, that would make my week! Have a great weekend!

  • I’m so happy it’s lighter! And I totally back your Polpo ordering style ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxx

  • I’ve given up chocolate for lent. Easter feels so far away :'( but we are strong and it’ll be worth it!

  • Very wise Polpo ordering there, you’d have been stupid not to do that really! It sounds like you’ve had a week full of lovely things. I think the highlight of my week was finally booking a Eurodisney trip for the summer – hooray! Have a great weekend. x

    • I am SO jealous of this Eurodisney adventure! How long will you be going for? xx

      • We’re going Friday to Sunday in June and we’ve been planning it for a good year so it’s nice to have finally sorted it! Hope this week’s been awesome too! x

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Ordering what you want at a restaurant is the best thing about being an adult

  • The Flask is my favorite Hampstead pub (so far)! I go there sometimes after work. It’s a nice place to relax, and the food and beer are good. Haven’t been for a roast yet!

    • Are you still in Shepard’s Bush? That must be a long journey for you! (But totally worth it because it’s such a good pub!) xx

      • I live next door in Acton, but I volunteer at the Oxfam bookshop on Heath Street! So sometimes, after my shift I’ll go hang out at The Flask ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ooh where was your blazer from? A blazer is at the top of my Spring shopping list… not that I should have a spring shopping list, you know struggling artist and all that xx

    • Hahaha, but sometimes you just need to have a new piece to feel like you loo your best, right? I ordered it through John Lewis, but it’s actually an OASIS blazer. x

  • That is such a great week! (Minus the palaver which nobody needs)

  • I need a new blazer – mine is a white joules one and it is so gross but the collar is so stained I can’t get it clean – ugh!

    • Oh no – sorry about your collar! Joules blazers are the best! I actually had my eye on one but it was out of my price range so hopefully I’ll be able to snap it in an upcoming sale. xx

  • ็›Š็พค็ฝ‘


  • I love ordering a couple appetisers as mains, I don’t blame you.

  • amitygardens

    Sam’s head shots are so good! I especially love the one on the opening page- so broody and English!

  • haha yay for replacing the blazer! It’s always nice to find something to replace something that’s been with you for so long!x

    • I felt really nostalgic giving away my old one – it’s been with me through so many events! xx

  • BURRITO STAINED BLAZER?! Does this incident have its own blog post???

    • Sadly it does not. It was just a run of the mill, eating a burrito bigger than my own head but trying to shove it all in my mouth accident ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  • That’s awesome! Well done you! Do you feel better for it? xx