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London | Dulwich Village

I’ve mentioned in one of my posts about Hampstead or Highgate before, that one of my favourite things about London isn’t being in the “City” (zone 1), at all. I love all the little villages that London grew around and swallowed, but have managed to keep their own village feel and identity. Dulwich Village in SouthEast London is one of those places. Plus it’s just a short stroll down the road for me, so it definitely beats having to cross the river. 

I recommend coming in the spring, when all the trees are just about to blossom on a sunny day and walking through the picturesque streets and (very) expensive homes. One of my favourite things about living South of the River is our amazing access to green space, and Dulwich Park is no exception! And if you get caught out by some bad weather, the Dulwich Picture Gallery is a great place to while away an afternoon. 

Dulwich is also full of restaurants, cafes, coffee houses and boutiques so it’s easy to spend more money on a casual afternoon out than you ever intended! 

dulwich village sign
street in dulwich
flower shop
wine shop
vintour window
sweet windows
dulwich village
sign post
beautiful homes
dulwich college
dulwich picture gallery
white house
adorable front doors
Have you ever had a wander around Dulwich? 

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  • I love Dulwich too! How lovely that you live so nearby. The Dulwich Picture Gallery is one of my very favourites. xxx

    • They get such wonderful rotating exhibitions, but it seems the not many people have heard of it, which is a shame! xx

  • Aww, it’s so cute! Hard to believe it’s in London.

  • This area is so cute! I would prefer to be a bit outside of the city chaos, especially for a charming are like this!

    • Definitely! While I love cities, I think I’m more of a nature, open-air person so spaces like this are a lifesaver for me! xx

  • Ah, you’ve got me all nostalgic! I used to live in Dulwich (well, Dulwich bordering with East Dulwich) and we spent so much time mooching round the village, the park, the picture gallery. Lovely pictures – brought back loads of memories!

  • this is still London? wow!:)

  • What the perfect little village right in a huge city. I think it is time for me to relocate :).

  • I couldn’t agree with you more, as a South East London girl 🙂 I love Dulwich! Blackheath is my favourite place that has the village like feel, I love it so much!

    • SouthEast is the best! 😉 In six years in London, I’ve only lived north of the river for a brief 4 month sub-let, and then promptly retreated back south again. Blackheath is wonderful! xx

  • Dulwich is one of the first places I visited in London (my friend lived there) but alas it has been a long, long time!

  • Cate in the Kitchen

    I always forget that there are lovely pretty villages out in the big city!

  • Wow, SO pretty! I’ve never been to Dulwich so this is a cool introduction 🙂

    • The Picture Gallery is definitely worth a trip down South of the river to see when in London! x

  • Oh I’d never heard of Dulwich, but it seems quite cute! I think I feel the same about London – I just love the surrounding areas, they seem much more liveable – though massively expensive!x