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London | Hampstead Heath in the Winter

When Lindsay revealed that she’d never been to the Heath in all her years of living in London, I knew that this was something that had to be remedied on her current trip. We had a very leisurely start to our stroll (coffees and pastries from Gail’s) before heading off across the Heath. 

When we got to Kenwood House, Sam surprised us both with a plethora of Notting Hill movie facts. (Kenwood House is the location for the scene where Julia Roberts is filming a period drama and Hugh Grant comes on set to visit her and he overhears her being rude about him while on headset.) Sam is a huge film buff so he is always full of film facts. 

During our walk, we also ducked into the Spaniard’s Inn, famous for being a favourite of Keats and mentioned by Dickens, for a cheeky drink before making out final push through the Heath and up Parliament Hill. From the top of Parliament Hill you can see the Gherkin, the Shard, Canary Wharf, St Paul’s and the London Eye. We were super lucky and the weather held out all day; although it was pretty windy, it never rained! 

Last but certainly not least, we finished off this wonderful Sunday with a huge feast at The Flask; Sunday roasts for Lindsay and I, fish and chips for Sam. I wolfed down my roast, their red wine gravy is a gift straight from the gods, as are the giant Yorkshire puddings. 

Here’s to hoping that Lindsay can one day move back to the UK so that we have many more adventures like this!

lindsay and i
hampstead heath
more heath
sam directing
Sam in tour guide mode. 
kenwood house
Kenwood House. 
lindsay beer
view of highgate
View of Highgate from Parliament Hill.
sam and lindsay instagramming
Both instagramming away.
from parliament hill
I spy the Shard! 
Very moody! 

The moral of the story: Go to the Heath! 

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