My Favourite Instagram Accounts

I’m going to lose some huge blogger points here and admit that I don’t love twitter maybe as much as I should. And I definitely don’t utilise Facebook in a way like I used to do. (Remember the days, not so many years ago, when you’d be on Facebook all day every day? What’s happened to it?!) But there is one form of social media that I just can’t quit: Instagram. I’m a woman obsessed. I love it. Maybe it causes people to have false projections of perfection, but what can I say? I like pretty pictures. 

Here are some of my favourite Instagram accounts. Maybe some of these will be new to you! 

from roses instagram

From Roses – Rebecca @fromrosesxo is a freelancer from Nottingham, England and her lovely instagram always leaves me feeling happy and inspired. 

me and orla

Me & Orla – Sara @me_and_orla is a photographer and blogger based in rural Yorkshire with the most adorable daughter. Her Yorkshire snaps never fail to take my breath away and her instagram colour palette is perfection. 


WishWishWish – Carrie @wishwishwish is a London based fashion, food and beauty blogger. She’s probably the largest account on my list. Her account is just so stylish that I get instagram envy! 


Rotten One – Tee @teezilla1 is an amazing world wanderer, and although not blogging at the moment, she is launching a new project soon and continues to update her instagram. Her account is, in a word, stunning. Some of my favourite landscape snaps have been taken by Tee.


The Overseas Escape– Margo @Margo.Paige is an ex ex-pat, who has gone on some phenomenal world adventures. Her travel photographs are ace and will inspire a wanderlust bug in even the most settled person! 


Caity’s Kitchen– Caity @caityskitchen is an Irish student living in Glasgow cooking and baking up a storm. I don’t know about you, but my student food definitely didn’t look this tasty! 

–  Ffion  @FFionMcKeown is a Snowdonia transplant to Manchester. Her lifestyle photos are gorgoeus. They make me feel nesty and cozy and homely. 


John Holland Music – John @jiholland111  leaves me aching to bake. His photos of his and his partner’s creations always leave me awed. Someone get these two a cookbook, stat! If you’re a fan of glorious cakes, he is a must-follow!


Rhyme & Ribbons– @rhymeandribbons – I couldn’t not mention myself for some shameless self-promotion! But as I’ve become somewhat of an instagram addict, I really felt like I’ve stepped by up instagram quality. 

What are some of your favourite Instagram accounts? 

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  • So many lovely accounts to check out! I love instagram too – it’s such a nice community. xxx

  • I love Instagram! 😀 I think there was only one account here that I didn’t follow already either, you have great taste!!! My face are also ones like @natgeo @swisbest (mainly for endless sea inspiration!) and @takecourageblog. But I also find @uberfacts funny and you must must follow @alicebayfield, obviously! 😉 Alice xx

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Beautiful account! I’m an Instagram addict too 🙂

    • i know there’s the trend in showing “realism” but I am a sucker for pretty pictures instead! x

  • Yes! I actually started a post yesterday on how I just do not love Twitter very much anymore!!

    • I’ve hardly been on twitter at all lately. Really letting down my blog game, in a sense! xx

  • Instagram makes me hungry. Always. I follow too much cheese porn. I need to get back to my Twitter game, though in reality I’ve been saying that for like a year now…

  • amitygardens

    Obviously yours is my favourite! Thanks for giving me new blogs and Instagram accounts to follow!

    • Ahh! Thank you! It’s just a small selection of some of the people that I follow but I do love instagram! xx

  • Miu

    I like accounts which allow you glimpses into life and not only those model-perfection pictures that look all the same.

    • I can totally respect your opinion, even if I myself don’t follow similar accounts. If everyone liked the same things on social media it would be really boring! x

  • Ooooh, I shall definitely be checking some of these out!

  • instagram is definitely my fave, though I’ve been slacking all around on social media lately. I really love hunting down local accounts to get idea of what do do in Taipei, or researching a vacation spot before I go.

  • I hate twitter. I’ve only recently at least put a bunch of people into lists which makes it easier to follow and see what my favourite people have to say, but Instagram, all day every day. Love it. I don’t post as much as I used to, but I’m on it constantly, it’s the first thing I check when I get up (shameful). Adventurecatsorg is my newest find, and I love all the cats climbing mountains haha. If you like pretty flower pictures, swallowsanddamsons is gorgeous.

    • Oh my goodness swallowsanddamsons is amazing! Thanks for the suggestion – I’m now following! x

  • haha great plug 😉 I also like Instagram so much more – though having a shit camera on my phone is making it very hard to take Instagram worthy picture sometimes so I think I need to up my game haha xx

    • Yea, I’m really luck that my iPhone at the moment is taking really good quality phone pictures. I’ve noticed a big camera improvement between my recent upgrade and my last phone for sure! xx