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Samuel Johnson said “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” But I don’t strictly believe that’s true. So many people visit England but only prioritise seeing London. And the country has so much more to offer. So here’s my list of the 10 places in England that you must visit (excluding London). Everybody knows about London. Let’s give some other places the chance to shine!

10 places in england you must visit


1. Newcastle – I recently wrote about the plethora of things there are to do in Newcastle, but just to recap: friendly people, great nights out and some beautiful scenery. 


2. Bath – I love strolling around Bath and pretending that I am in a Jane Austen novel. And even though Austen herself didn’t like Bath, I’ll forgive her that. Its architecture and surroundings are stunning. The Spa and the Abbey are “must sees” as well as a stop at Sally Lunn to eat a bun! 

3. Bristol – Bristol has some beautiful landmarks; including the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Queen Square. Not to mention there are some really cute coffee shops and you can catch some good theatre at the Bristol Old Vic. 

4. York –  If you are in York, you must have tea at Betty’s, but York has more to offer than just sweet treats. The streets of York are highly historic and you must stop in at York Minster. 

stratford upon avon
Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon.

5. Stratford-upon-Avon – I’m a bit biased because I loved our 9 months living in Stratford,  but the Old Town is such a lovely place to visit. Mary Arden’s Farm, Nash’s House, Shakespeare’s birth place, Holy Trinity Church (where Shakespeare is buried), and the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) are all wonderful reasons to visit. 

Bridge of Sighs in Oxford. 

6. Oxford – Phillip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” made me obsessed with Oxford before I even visited, but once I did, I fell in love. The architecture, the books – you feel smarter just being there. There’s so much history you can soak up, 

Emmanuel College, Cambridge. 

7. Cambridge – If there’s any place to save for a summer visit, it’s Cambridge. It might be cheesy but you need to go punting on the Cam, before touring around all the different colleges. 

8. Henley-on-Thames – Henley is a beautiful market town in Oxfordshire. It gets busy during the Royal Regatta, but it’s worth seeing the Regatta at least once during your lifetime! 

royal tunbridge wells
The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells. 

9. Royal Tunbridge Wells – I adore Tunbridge Wells. The Pantiles are perfection! The architecture in the old part of town is amazing, and the history behind all the wells is really fascinating. 

Brighton Pier. 

10. Brighton – No list of places is complete without a mention of Brighton. There’s some wonderful eating to be done in Brighton, some cool shopping to be done in the Laines and an all-around interesting vibe to the city. You can see why Londoners flee to Brighton. 

Apologies to any Liverpudlians or Manchunians. I’ve not made it to Manchester or Liverpool yet. 

Which places have you visited? 

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10 places in england you must visit

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  • Great list. I’m seeing a slight obsession witb historical towns…not that I can blame you for that, I think that’s half the reason I love them too! Bath is beautiful, and I love visiting Brighton (though it’s always freezing when I go!) However, I’ve never yet made it to Stratford-Upon-Avon – think I need to change that! 🙂

    • It’s almost hard not to visit a historical town in England! ;D Try to go to Stratford in the summer. That’s when it will be most glorious! xx

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Add Cornwall to your list, I’m now obsessed 🙂

  • So many pretty places I need to visit!

  • So many cities, no mention of the beautiful countryside?! The furthest south you’ve gone is Bristol, outrageous! So much in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall you’re missing out on, arguably some of the most beautiful landscapes and beaches in the world, let alone just in England! Come for a visit and I’ll show you everything there is to see! Alice xx

  • Ashley Angle

    All of these places sound and look interesting! Great country to visit!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • *sigh* I’ve got to get myself there… in the meantime I have your blog! 😉

  • I really want to get to Brighton! Everyone keeps telling me that it is such a charming town 🙂 xo

  • thegrownupgapyear.wordpress

    There’s a few of my favourites on the list here – especially Newcastle, where I went to university and Brighton, where I lived for three years. But there’s a couple of places I’ve always wanted to go too, Bath has been high on the list for a long time!

  • I love SO many of these: Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, and Brighton! 🙂 Other favorites include the Cotswolds (so tiny and adorable), Wells (because of the cathedral), and Dover (because who doesn’t love some cliffs and WWII tunnels?!). 😀

    • Have you been to Burton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds? Extra adorable and lovely – I bet you’d go crazy for it! x

  • I’ve only visited 5 of those, but they are absolute best! I’ll keep note of the other five, will definitely visit them when I have the chance xx

  • So many places to add to my list!! I want to do an English trip but Kevin pulling for Italy.

    • Ooohhh… obviously I vote England, but Italy is at the top of my travel bucket list – so I’m torn! x

      • I’ve never planned/gone on international travel on my own (always a tour) so I feel like England might be a better first choice because of the language haha. Plus I love London!

  • I’ve been to about half of these places, which means I need another England trip so I can see the rest! I also read His Dark Materials before my Oxford trip and was obsessed. I have a picture on the bench they talk about in the books too. Nerd haha.

    • I’m glad I could provide you with fodder for a good excuse 😉 The last book in the Dark Materials trilogy destroyed my emotions! x

  • #BristolLove. But in all honesty I’ve only been to a handful of these places!!! I need to make another trip soon!

  • Ooh great list – I’ve been to just over half, but I want to check the rest off – they all look so lovely in their own way!