London || A Thai Cooking Lesson

This past week, I had the opportunity to spend an evening getting a cookery lesson through my work. I attended a cooking class at the Open Kitchen in Shoreditch. We were made to feel welcome the second that we walked in. As a group we were briefed on how to do one of the more complex dishes – the spring roll, before breaking up into teams to cook other dishes. 

It was an evening of Thai cooking; we made (and ate) both pork and shrimp spring rolls, prawn coconut curry, curried beef, coconut rice, and fried bananas for dessert. We certainly weren’t the most talented cooks in the world, but we had a really fun evening and no one set the kitchen on fire, which is always the sign of a successful event. We weren’t perhaps the most attentive bunch, as few people other than myself had a previous vested interest in food, but by the end of the evening, everyone had had a good time and picked up a few skills.

After we had finished cooking, we all went and sat down to have a delicious, albeit quite late meal. I loved the beef, which reminded me a rendang. 

chopped spring rolls ingredients
chopping vegetables
open cookery school
Spring rolls in the making.
rolling spring roll

spring rolls
thai curry
making curry paste
beef ingredients
fried bananas
Frying bananas.
coconut rice
beef curry
after frying

The Open Kitchen is located at 40 Hoxton Street N1 6LR. 

It was really great to have the opportunity to learn to cook a cuisine that I don’t cook at home very often! What cuisine would you like to take lessons in?

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