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London || Morden Hall Park

If you sit on the Northern line for a while, you’ll eventually get to Morden. Eventually. And then if you walk for another 10 minutes you’ll get to Morden Hall Park. It sounds like a mission, but it’s worth it; trust me. Morden Hall Park is one of those hidden London gems; countryside smack in the middle of urban sprawl. 

The park is located on the banks of the River Wandle, and has some wetlands due to the spread of the river. The river wanders through all 125 acres of the park so there are many adorable footbridges dotted all over the place. 

The land was originally owned by Westminster Abbey and the old watermills and snuff mill have been preserved so that visitors today can see see them. And if historic buildings and amazing green spaces aren’t your thing, there’s an urban farm to visit, a riding school and also a fairly large second-hand bookshop run by local volunteers. Please do visit Edna the owl. She’s awesome. 

If you’ve ever taken the tram from Wimbledon to Croydon, you might have ventured across the Northern edge of the park without even know it. 

national trust sign
morden hall park
brick bridge
footpath bridge
morden hall
sam on the swing
on the swing
outside garden center
muddy path
brick bridge
Have you ever been to the park before? Or is it an undiscovered gem for you as well?

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