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It’s pretty obvious by now that dresses are a staple in my wardrobe. I’d rather have dresses than anything else for multiple reasons. Reason #1, they are so much easier to style. Instead of thinking does x top look good with z bottoms, or would it look better with y skirt? You put on one item of clothing and you are good to go. Reason #2, I love the freedom that dresses gives me. I consider jeans leg jail, so dresses are the best. 

House of Fraser has so many other delightful dresses in for the spring – you must take a moment to go and have a look. I was thrilled to take part in the My Style My Dress challenge with House of Fraser for the spring. To me, the perfect weekend outfit can be dressed up or down, is super comfortable and you are able to run as many errands in it as possible. This Vero Moda dress is definitely one of the most comfortable that I own! 

dress and sweater

super excited
black and white
house of fraser dress

Bag || Cardigan || Dress c/o House of Fraser || Shoes || Necklace || Lipstick

*This dress was gifted to me by House of Fraser, but all opinions are forever my own.*

What’s your go-to weekend outfit? 

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  • BARE LEGS?!?! Are you superhuman? I am wearing dolly shoes without socks today and it’s already a regret, my toes are freezing! Love this dress though, grey is such a fab colour! Alice xx

    • I’m on a mission to not be so pale that I look like one of the undead by the time our wedding rolls around 😉 xx

  • Jeans are TOTALLY leg-jail! Agreement! I am loving dresses more and more, and you’ve styled this one so beautifully… although I have to agree with Alice that brrrr, I just could not do a bare leg yet (soooon, I hope!) Your photos make me excited for spring clothing though 🙂

    • Ha! I’ve had to sequester them away again as the weather has once again taken a turn towards the frigid! x

  • cute dress!

  • I love your outfit and I love that you are wearing tennis shoes with it!

  • Omg, I am seriously obsessed with this outfit. I wish the tennis shoe trend with cute outfits would finally come stateside! I miss being able to style UP my sneakers.

  • obsessed with this dress and outfit!!

  • Miu

    Lately, I’ve been loving dresses more and more (though it also goes for skirts), because they basically allow me to feel as if I’m wearing my leggings out of the house (only with comfortable tights of course), but I look way more put together 😉