My Whole 30 Journey (so far)

I underwent the Whole 30 just to prove a point really. To show that I could. But also to hopefully reset my taste buds and make me crave bread and dessert less. 

Since my New Year’s resolution was only to eat meat on the weekends, during the week I follow the Whole 30 vegetarian regime which allows slightly different things than the regular Whole 30 (like chick peas and lentils.) This isn’t strictly kosher by Whole 30 standards, to mix the regular and vegetarian versions but it would be utterly irresponsible to go 5 days of the week without major protein sources. 

whole 30

My thoughts so far? Of course it’s good for you to cut out processed foods from your diet. I’m all for that. Sugar is bad. I get that too. But unless you sincerely suspect yourself of a real food intolerance it doesn’t actually make sense to cut out other foods that are actually beneficial to your health; like Greek yogurt.  

Do I miss sugar? Yes, all the time. After dinner I can’t stop thinking about cookies. But it’s not the hardest element of the whole ordeal for me – the lack of diet coke was horrible. I really suffered without it, and more than sugar I think about those delicious bubbles.

Transitioning my morning coffee from skim milk to free-form almond milk or coconut milk wasn’t that difficult, and I don’t struggle at lunch time. I almost always packed either leftovers or salad for my lunch before, so there wasn’t any difference.  My biggest takeaway so far is that I actually was already eating more healthily on a day-to-day basis than I suspected.

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In general, over 12 days in, I can’t say that I particularly recommend the Whole 30. I think it’s more of a fad diet than anything. The longer I try, the more I think it’s a gussied up version of Atkins from 20 years ago with some buzzwords thrown in.  


I’ll finish the challenge because I don’t like to give up on things, but if you don’t suspect a food allergy, then just cut back on your sugar, cheese and bread intake and a call it a day. No need to drink the Whole 30 coolaid. 

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