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Eton is right next to Windsor. In fact, you just causally stroll across the Thames and then you are in Eton. It’s most famous for Eton College, arguably England’s best private school. (Although in England they call private schools “public school” – very confusing!) 

Eton College is about 1,500 students (all boys) between the ages of 13-18. It was founded in the 1400s and has produced 19 future Prime Ministers throughout history. That alone seems crazy! The school fees per year are much more than the average annual minimum wage in England, so that’s pretty crazy as well. To be honest, in my humble opinion, it’s not the education that you are paying for, but the prestige and the connections. You can get an extraordinary education elsewhere for the fraction of the cost, but you might not be rubbing shoulder with future lords. 

Let’s go through a list of some of their most recognisable alums: Princes William and Harry, Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston, Damian Lewis, Ian Fleming, David Cameron, Bear Grylls, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Dominic West, Boris Johnson, Shelley… The list goes on and on and on. 

Besides the gorgeous buildings, there’s also the slightly disconcerting sight of boys and teachers rushing off to classes in tails, waist coats and starched wing-collars; and its reputed traditions and secrets can seem an outdated anachronism, but at least top hats were scrapped from the school uniform in the 1970s.

eton street
river thames
more street
eton college entrance
eton college
rain pipe

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  • You’re right, it’s the connections & name that they are paying for. So pretty though!

  • So pretty! I’d love to visit Eton sometime. xxx

  • Eton looks lovely but I’m still kind of awestruck by the information that Hiddles went to public school! (We also call it private school in Scotland!) x

  • pretty place!but a lot of money for a school!

  • Read this. Googled Bear Grylls. Googled Everest. Googled bodies on Everest. Read many fascinating articles and looked at grisly photographs of mummified corpses in fluorescent climbing gear frozen solid. So yeah. Eton….

    • Your comment led me to google “how many bodies are on MT Everest” Answer: more than 200. Grim. Thanks Eton! x

  • I remember being about 13 and hearing that ‘nearly all American’s go to public school’ – boy, my little head nearly popped! Haha! I hear they have a pretty funky uniform at Eton too, including the teachers. Think robes and everything! x

    • Everyone was running around in full tails, which seemed a bit unnecessary but made a lovely picture! Haha, no – not to fear – most Americans go to regular schools! 🙂 xx

  • Christi Mazzei

    This is so cool! I had to google the school and see what it was all about. Very impressive. Thanks for prompting my long-lasting and very educational google search!

    • I actually thought of Dave Barney when I was there because they have an outstanding swimming program! It completely puts into perspective how expensive AA was! Hope you had a great Easter! xx

  • Those buildings are so charming:) I would be so confused about the public and private school thing!

    • It’s super confusing. I try to circumnavigate it by calling them regular schools vs prep schools which seems to work most of the time. xx

  • I love Eton; I actually like exploring it more than Windsor. They have a fab burger place there too: The Flaming Cow. I can encourage anyone to eat there 🙂


  • Ashley Angle

    Very cool! I couldn’t image going to a high school like that! So much history to/in the buildings! Hottie Eddie Redmayne also went to Eaton (I believe).

  • Miu

    I am by no means familiar with the UK school system, but to me private schools (especially expensive ones) always have a touch of having bought your graduation…

    • Private schools are such a strange beast, aren’t they? I think it can definitely be that way. I went to a private school (a prep school) and I worked harder at school than I ever did during my Uni degree or my Master’s because they pushed us so much. But I knew people at other private schools that did no work at all. x