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10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Happy April everyone! I hope everyone else is looking forward to the Spring as much as I am. But I also hope that no one falls prey to an April Fool’s joke (which I tend to find quite mean-spirited). 
10 things that made me happy

>>> 4 day weekends! I think everyone would be much more productive in life (but especially at work) if every work week was a 4 day week. 

>>> We had lots of time with family on Saturday, playing Cards Against Humanity, having snuggles with a rambunctious toddler, and eating pizza. 

>>> We also had a very lovely Easter. In our time together, Sam has made some fantastic roasts, but this one really topped them all. The beef was cooked to perfection. 

>>> Sam and I have just started watching “Community” together on Netflix. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it till now – I love it! 

>>> I attended a really interesting Networking event with work this week. The best part about it was that they had a really great slight-of-hand magician there performing tricks for everyone.

>>>Marks&Spencer pistachio cookies. 

>>> Philippia Gregory books. Every time I revisit one, I am always so pleased to be back in her world. They are such simple and enjoyable reads. They’re not strictly historically accurate, but neither is “Reign” and I love that. 

>>>With work, I got to go and see “Wicked” on Wednesday evening. It was was 4th time to see it, but it’s always a joy! 

>>> By the time that most of you read this, I’ll be on my way to Edinburgh! 

>>> The person I had booked months ago to do my hair for the wedding (because I am rubbish with hair) canceled on me over the weekend and I’ve reached out to dozens of others this week who are now booked up. So if you know anyone awesome who does hair in North Yorkshire, please let me know. This isn’t a happy thing, but I am happy that I have my blog and twitter to use to beg for recommendations! 

I can’t wait for my Edinburgh adventure. What are your plans this weekend? (And seriously, any recommendations about the above?) 

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by Amanda Dales at Mode

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  • have fun in Edinburgh!:)

  • We just started watching Community as well and love it! I can’t wait to read about your Edinburgh adventures!


    Gary got me into it over Christmas and now I’m obsessedddd <3

    Sorry to hear about your hair lady!! πŸ™ I'll put the feelers out with Gary's family and see if they know anyone πŸ™‚ xxxx

    Little Miss Katy

  • The husband is/has been obsessed with Community for years and I finally succumbed to the pressure last year πŸ™‚ There isn’t a day that goes by in this household without a Community joke or quote. Have fun in Edinburgh!

  • Jenn Sie

    I’m addicted to those pistachio cookies too. I hope you find a replacement hair stylist.

  • There was one April Fools that had me crying with laughter – the RSPB announced they were renaming several bird species.

  • Edinburgh recs: Blanking out on the name but there is a Swedish-style bakeshop near the Meadows which is really great if you’re on the hunt for a coffee & pastry! If the weather cooperates, Mary’s Milk Bar for ice cream, and a totally random one, but if you like wings (like, spicy chicken wings) there is a place called Wings which I can only describe as spicy chicken and comic-con had a baby. Ahh have so much fun! I love Scotland.

  • Yes yes yes with the 4 day week thing. In fact, I sometimes think I could cram as much productivity into a 4 hour day as an 8 hour one, coz you’d just get stuff done and not have the lulls and the breaks for eating etc etc. Bah! Hope your hair gets sorted, or else it’ll be YouTube tutorials to save the day πŸ™‚

    • Yes! When I know I’m only having a 4 day week, I work harder and more focused because I know the long weekend will be worth it so really a job gets better quality work out of me then πŸ˜‰ xx

  • I have also seen Wicked four times. πŸ™‚ And I love Philippa Gregory novels.

    • Gregory is just such a good fun read. What’s your favourite song in Wicked? xx

      • Ha, so I saved this email notification to reply to you, and then forgot about it. I was searching for a Disqus comment in my email and stumbled across them.

        I’m not sure if I have a favorite song in Wicked because I love all of them!!! But I have some favorite lyrics.

        Listen, Nessa


        Uh, Nessa.
        I’ve got something to confess, a
        Reason why, well-
        Why I asked you here tonight
        Now I know it isn’t fair…

        I mean, rhyming Nessa with yes uh and confess a? LOVE LOVE LOVE

        Or the Wizard of Oz allusions? Brilliance. Like

        And I’ve just had a vision
        Almost like a prophecy
        I know – it sounds truly crazy
        And true, the vision’s hazy
        But I swear, someday there’ll be
        A celebration throughout Oz
        That’s all to do with me!

        And I’ll stand there with the Wizard,
        Feeling things I’ve never felt.
        And though I’d never show it,
        I’ll be so happy, I could melt!

        • It’s SO good! It makes my heart happy just reading the lyrics (and singing them to myself as I read them!) xx