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Life Lately || 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

I am so, so, so ready for Friday this week. Anyone else super worn out? It’s been a stressful week so without further ado:

                                       10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

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>>> Take a peak at Sam’s new photography website. It’s lovely, just like him.

>>> It was pouring rain in Brighton this weekend, but it was still a great afternoon out. 

>>> I was thrilled to read that the SNP want to introduce the Nordic-style ‘baby box’ to Scotland. I can only hope that America and England follow suit! 

>>> At work on Wednesday night, we went up to the top of the Shard. As per usual, the view was excellent! 

>>> We have all our last wedding vendor visits booked in for a very busy weekend up north soon! 

>>> I will be forever grateful for Netflix. All it takes to cheer me up after a long day is an episode of “Community” “Kimmy Schmidt” or “Once upon a Time”. 

>>> I found this article in the Stylist about the Queen’s sartorial history to be super interesting. And with that – happy 90th Queenie! I ate a piece of cake in your honour on Thursday.

>>> My old phone case broke so I had to buy a new sparkly case. It’s awesome and I find my self becoming entranced by it. Like watching a lava lamp.

>>> I’ve been waiting on an Etsy order from Pepperink to arrive, and it landed on my doorstop yesterday. I was hugely surprised because it was coming from Australia, but here it was- only one week later. Super bonus!

>>> I’ve been making mango fruit smoothies and they are the best. 

What are you up to this weekend? Anyone have any exciting plans? 



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  • Yay on having all your wedding vendors booked! Have a great weekend!

  • Yay for having all your wedding vendors booked!

    Now I want a mango smoothie and one of those cupcakes!

  • Haha I love the doughnut photo! 😀 xx

  • A sparkly phone case sounds wonderful!

  • I had first aid training yesterday, and it was exhausting so after a stroll in the park to soak up sun, I settled in for a night of Once Upon a Time, Kimmy and Grey’s Anatomy. Perfect night of tv! Stephie xx

    • I can’t wait to start season 2 of Kimmy. Have you watched any of it yet? What’s you opinion on how it stacks up to season 1? x

      • I managed to watch all of it in a week, even though I don’t think it was *quite* as good as Season 1. It felt ever so slightly more ridiculous, but that might be because I can’t quite remember how ridiculous season 1 was.Redeeming factor? Tina Fey. Let me know what you think xx

  • Glad you had a nice week! I haven’t been to Brighton in ages, really should take a trip down!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Isn’t Once Upon a Time simply so clever!?

    • So amazing! I used to watch it regularly, but I fell far behind last year so I have a lot to catch up on! x

  • OMG life is so stressful right now for me too! Ugh, but those temp tattoos on the Pepperink page look soooo good! 🙂

    • They are super high quality as well. The one I put on on Saturday is still in pristine condition. Excellent investment of several pounds, ; ) My happy arm is making my life somewhat better even though I had a good stress cry on Monday xx

  • Dan and I spent Saturday at the lake with some friends. It was lovely! Sunday we went to IKEA for a new bookcase and then took blog pictures at a park nearby.

    • I was at Ikea over the weekend as well. Window shopping for a new sofa, like an absolute weirdo 😉 xx

  • Oh I recently ordered some temporary tattoos as well – and I love them and am getting addicted to them…