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If I lived in Edinburgh, Lovecrumbs would quickly become my home away from home, and I’d claim that my regular seat would either be the sweet set up for two in the window, or the piano bench at the back. Lovecrumbs is a cake only kind of shop – open all day, it only serves baked goods and drinks, just the way I prefer my local cafes to be. 

All their cakes and baked goods are handmade and their amazingly tasty coffee comes from Steampunk. Sam and I both had thick lattes (they only use whole milk), whilst sharing slices of chocolate caramel cake, and the hibiscus and blackcurrant cake. Cake prices hover around £3, but for the hottest slices of cake in town, that seems like a steal. 

I am determined to come back one day, if only to get to try the pumpkin and chocolate chip bundt cake. 

inside lovecrumbs
case of cakes
more cakes
cake display
berry polenta cake
chocolate cake
Chocolate Caramel Cake
hibiscis cake
Hibiscus and blackcurrant cake

Lovecrumbs is located at:  155 West Port, Edinburgh, EH3 9DP

Have you sampled their delicious fare yet? 

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  • Hibiscus & blackcurrant cake? Consider me sold!

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    What a cute place!

  • This place looks absolutely amazing, I’m now craving a piece of cake. I also love that they got vegan options. xx

  • Ooooo I’ve never come across Lovecrumbs in my Edinburgh adventures, but we’re all absolutely obsessed with Filament coffee. Did you come across it? So SO good!

    Stephie xx

  • yummy!:)

  • Ashley Angle

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Cake and a window seat? Sign me up! I love finding places like this when I travel, and they always leave me a bit wistful that I can’t be a regular there. I love Edinburgh, and this just gives me one more reason to go back sooner rather than later. 🙂

    • It left me a bit wistful too. In fact, all of Edinburgh had me itching to move somewhere new. (Like Scotland!) 🙂 xx

  • Well THIS looks awesome! Consider it another one of your blog posts that I’ll DEFINITELY be doing! Laura x – Scottish travel blog

  • Pumpkin and chocolate chip bundt cake does sound like it’s worth returning for. There’s a secret to bundt cake that I’ll share with you: if you pick it up and put it on your head like a crown and wander around screaming “I AM QUEEN OF THE BUNDT” people tend to leave you the hell alone and you’ll have THE ENTIRE bundt cake to yourself. Sure, it’ll have a little bit of hair on it, but it’s all yours! Dreams can come true.

  • Saving this for our trip, I have to try some cake!

  • Amy McDonald

    I love a cute, cosy cafe and this one looks so nice!!!

  • This looks like the cutest place! It reminds me of a cafe close to my home. I must go there tomorrow!! I’m sonhappyto have found your blog through the #lblogger chat tonight. Great job again!

    Sophie xx

  • This post actually made my mouth water. Beautiful photos, too!

  • I’ve never really ate out near Grassmarket before actually and never even knew about this place – love it! Will definitely try next time I’m there 🙂 xx