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Sam and I made a pact before going up North to Edinburgh that come rain or shine, no matter what the weather conditions, we were going to climb Arthur’s Seat. Roll on early Sunday morning when we were about to leave for our climb and it is pouring out. You just have to laugh and make the best of the bad weather though, right? 

There are two main ways up Arthur’s Seat; from Holyrood Park, which takes a bit over an hour to reach the summit, or from the East by Dunsapie Loch which only takes about 15 minutes but misses out some of the crazy spectacular views. Never one to shirk a challenge, especially in the rain, we opted for the hour + hike.

Arthur’s Seat is in the centre of the city, about 1 mile from Edinburgh Castle. It rises about 820 feet above the city and provides the most amazing panoramic view. Plus it’s an extinct volcano, which is pretty awesome.

One of the most surprising things, is that despite the dreadful weather, there were tons of people at the top. Including a fair few kids, which was shocking because the longer approach is quite hard going. It isn’t that it’s steep (it is), but more that on the descent, the rock face down definitely involves some scrambling which was terrifying to me, so I imagine it to be immobilising to a smaller person. 

approaching arthurs peak
heather and thistle
journey up
sam walking
viewsview from topview from top two
taking a photo
me on arthurs seat
standing on peak
sam on arthurs seat
sam and i on top
on top of arthurs seat
By the top marker. 

Have you ever gotten to the top of Arthur’s Peak? 

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  • Beautiful inspite of the weather!

  • I remember when I went to the top of Arthur’s Seat years ago, it was so windy I felt in serious danger of being blown away!! Such pretty pictures of you at the top πŸ™‚ xxx

    • Thanks Miranda! It was really windy for us as well, definitely increasing the terror factor on descent πŸ˜‰ xx

  • I am keeping my fingers crossed it won’t be too rainy on our trip.

  • well done you! I wish I had done it in Edinburgh but the weather was so dismal!:(

    • I knew we probably wouldn’t have the chance to go back to Edinburgh any time soon so we had to prioritise it xx

  • Arthur’s Seat was my favorite part of Edinburgh. The view was so worth the hike (and the wind and drizzles). Lovely pictures! xx

  • I’ve been to Edinburgh a couple of times but never to Arthur’s Seat! I’m always a bit daunted by it! Lol

  • I’d love to go and explore Edinburgh and climb Arthur’s seat, it’s not somewhere I’ve been before! Shame about the rain but good for you still going – in converse especially! Alice xx

    • Ha, stupid converse! We did both look at each other about halfway up and comment that we really didn’t prepare very well shoe wise. (Sam was even a bit worse off than I was. He was in boat shoes!) x

  • You forget… kids have no fear!

    Well done you for making it to the top – I’ve only ever made it about halfway!

    • Ha – that’s so true.

      Sam had only made it up halfway before, and I was definitely tempted to abandon ship a few times… x

  • HandLuggageOnly

    Arthur’s Seat! How we miss walking up here on a sunny day! Such a lovely view of Edinburgh πŸ™‚

    Lloyd & Yaya xx

  • Marsya Jauzi

    Wow, that’s a lovely view up there. Great shots πŸ™‚

  • Loving the pink shoes. It looks so grey, but the pink shoes make it all ok πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the pink shoes- I’ve legitimately have people make fun of them for being too childish. (Dicks) x

  • I am impressed at your combined intensity. I would’ve opted for an afternoon of drinking hot tea.

    Also you look super-pretty.

    • Ah! You’re way too kind! It’s only because my normal deathly pallor has been flushed by the exertion of climbing. πŸ™‚