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I mentioned in my city break post last week that Edinburgh Castle is definitely a “must visit” whilst in Edinburgh for the first time. Like most Americans, I’m a sucker for a good castle, and Edinburgh Castle definitely ticks all the right boxes. 

Edinburgh Castle pretty much dominates the skyline of Edinburgh. When you look at it atop its fairly mighty perch, I personally have no idea how anyone would muster up the bravery to ever want to attack it. It looks utterly unassailable. There’s been a castle there on that location since the 12th century, and was a royal residence off and on for many years, and was a military barracks with garrison for many more years. It was one of the key strongholds for the Kingdom of Scotland (before the Union of Crowns in 1603) and has the claim of being the most besieged place in Great Britain and one of the most attacked in the world in its long 1100 year history.

(For any of you “Reign” fans, Mary Queen of Scots spent most of her time in the Palace of Holyroodhouse, however, Edinburgh Castle is where her mother, Marie de Guise died.) 

My favourite attractions within the castle were Mons Meg (a crazy big siege cannon from the 14th century), the Scottish crown jewels, the Great Hall with it’s original Hammerbeam roof, and the prison section for prisoners of war. Including the portion where American soldiers were held as prisoners of war during the American Revolution. How gutted must you have been to be a sailor taken captive and instead of being held somewhere in Massachusetts, they take you to Scotland to be held? 

edinburgh castle
me outside castle
castle entrance
view from castle
inner castle
mons meg
main hall
hammerbeam roof
suits of armor
victorian jail
model ship

Edinburgh Castle is located at: Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NG

Tickets cost £16.50 and last entry is 5pm.

Have you been to Edinburgh Castle? 

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