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When it comes to my look in the Spring and Summer, I always try to pare my makeup routine back. I’m not one that wears a lot of make up at the best of times, but I know that in the fall and winter my complexion needs a boost and a man-made glow. In the spring/summer though, I love to try to let as much of my natural complexion shine through as possible. 

I have a love hate relationship with my freckles. Growing up, I hated them. I hated watching the band expand and darken across the bridge of my nose every summer and then retreat again once the sun had gone in the fall. These days, I love them. I think because they do only come out in the warmer months, when I’ve had a chance to worship the sun. That’s why in my summer beauty routine, I try to let them shine through.

For fairly obvious reasons, I’m drawn to pinks and roses in the summer and it’s easily reflected in my beauty picks.

Spring Summer 2016

I’ve recently started wearing YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Golden Lustre and it adds the perfect pop of pink, whilst still being subtle. I received it from House of Fraser, who have an awesome selection of lipstick at the moment! 

My favourite foundations always tend to come from Laura Mercier. This one is the perfect level of coverage for me, but occasionally I even alternate it with her tinted moisturiser. Nars blush in orgasm and my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick are absolute summer staples for me. I use them every year for my favourite level of glow and warmth. Many people swear by Benefits “They’re Real!” but I personally find that the “Roller Lash” works better for me. 

What are your warm weather beauty staples? 

*This was a collaboration with a brand* 

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  • I still haven’t decided how I feel about freckles. I was the same growing up though, thought they were the ugliest thing ever and tried to get rid of them with creams and lemon juice and god knows what, but also hated being so pale so nothing ever really worked out for me…

    • I tried crazy things to get rid of them – definitely tried lemon. I think it’s because the freckley kids were always the ones that got bullied, but I’ve made peace with them now. xx

  • Miu

    I feel so sad when people don’t like their freckles 🙁 It makes them so special and beautiful <3

    • Ah! That’s kind of you to say! It was definitely something that I was ashamed of as a kid, but feel alright about now. x

  • I LOVEEEEEE YSL lipsticks. Especially for summer! Right now my favor thing though is the Tarte in Full Bloom eyeshadow palate. It SMELLS like summer! Lol

    • Do you have a favourite YSL shade? I used to lave the best tart lip balm… i should re-purchase that! xx

      • Right now I’m lovinggggg the Rouge Shine formula in 13. Plus… It smells so darn summery!

  • I use the Nars multiple stick in orgasm for everything from eyes, cheeks and lips! I’ve also recently started using SKII cleansers and moisturisers because it’s relatively less expensive over here in Japan (but still a splurge!) and I LOVE them! I feel like my skin has really improved over the past month. Also, I got a great sunscreen for my face over here that feels so much better than any sun cream i’ve had in Australia! I love experimenting with new beauty products even though I barely wear any make-up.

  • I desperately need to just chuck out 98% of the stuff in my make up draw, and with so many events and things happening this summer I think it might be time for me to invest in some more upmarket cosmetics. Especially foundation, I always think I’ve found the one, and then a couple of weeks later my skin suddenly turns against it! In the long run buying one expensive bottle would probably be much cheaper than changing every month or so! Stephie xx

    • I have really, really dry skin so foundation is make of break for me. It either works or it looks terrible on me ; / xx