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Life Lately || 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

It’s Friday the 13th. Ooooohhhh! I was so gutted to miss the hot weather in London this past weekend. Just my luck that I’d be out of town and up North where a sea fret was making it feel more like winter. 
collage post scarborough

>>> This was our very last trip up to Yorkshire before our wedding later this summer. We’ve exchanged many, many emails with most of our wedding vendors, but this was the first time we’ve met everyone in person. We even managed to fit in back-to-back meetings and cross off everyone on our list. We are so lucky that everyone we are working with is so kind and excited to help us. 

>>> The trees aren’t bare anymore and spring seems to finally be here. It’s so nice to look out the window at work and not see branches.

>>> It was so nice to be by the sea. We had one really sunny afternoon and managed to have a walk along the beach with ice creams. It was an absolute delight. 

>>> Half the nieces and nephews live up North and it was wonderful to get to see those crazy kids this past weekend. And I was ecstatic that the girls liked their flower girl dresses. There was a chance it could have gone very wrong so I had been keeping my fingers crossed! 

>>>Mother’s Day was this past weekend, and though we were far apart, hopefully my mom knows how loved she is!

>>>I got to go on a surprise tour of Lord’s last night. I was asked to bring a plus one and if I had picked anyone other than Sam, he would have killed me. He’s cricket mad! 

>>> I now regard the work week as the interminable wait between Game of Thrones episodes. My mom and I have both been espousing the R + L = J theory for years. (Read the books before the show started, humble brag humble brag). I must see inside the Tower of Joy now. 

>>> I wore dresses with no tights this week and that deserves triple exclamation marks. 

>>> Marks & Spencer Pistachio and Almond cookies are pure glory. 

>>> We bought multiple bottles of bubbles to test taste at different price points for the big day. That’s the kind of planning that I can truly relish! 

I have to work all weekend, but I’m hoping to catch some sun on either side. 

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  • Nicky Nelson

    Looks like you had an idyllic week – what with sunshine, ice-cream & bubbly & all!!!

  • Rubbish to have to work all this weekend, but a week filled with ice cream, macaroons, milkshake and champagne can’t be half bad! 😉 Alice xxx


    • Exactly! And I got today off to compensate a bit for Saturday and Sunday so life’s not all that bad ;0 Hope you have a wonderful weekend! x

  • Loving the updated look!! I also enjoyed the taste testing aspect of wedding planning, funnily enough my parents neighbor catered our wedding and I had been eating food from his restaurant most my life so we just let him pick what he thought would work and it was a surprise the day off which was fun but I am sure would not be the choice of most brides! We did test cake and drinks though which is the best part!

    • For our main meal we are doing a hog roast / other bbq staples so we aren’t going to sample them and just hope for the best. Drink tasting though, we have nailed! And thank you! I’ve been fiddling with it for awhile and hoping to have all the page kinks worked out soon! x

  • Champagne tasting sounds like THE most fun part of wedding planning! I’m excited to get to that stage… x

    Sophie Cliff

  • You MUST let me know when you are back in Yorkshire girl – well I know it will be the wedding and you’ll have a heck of a lot of things to do but it would be awesome when you have some spare time over this end later on in the year to finally meet up. Why’d you look so gorgeous? Good luck with the rest of the wedding planning!

    Bee | QueenBeady.com

    • Oh my goodness, yes! Yes! I’m so sorry, I totally forget you weren’t very far away. We are going up about 5 days before hand to do some prep so maybe we can arrange a meet up then! That would be amazing! xx

  • Loving the new design! The weekend sounds awesome, especially with the wedding so close now! Just need to get some of that good weather up North!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Thanks Jasmin! I’ve been tinkering away for days. I still need to make some changes and re-categorising but that’s the kind of task I like. I’m sending all my good vibes towards getting nice weather up north. xx

  • 博文值得拜读。受益了!

  • 研究研究,学习学习。

  • Love your redesigned blog! So pretty. Also, I need an event so I can taste test bubbles dammit

    • Thanks Frankie,

      I haven’t been able to sleep very well lately so it was a middle of the night decision that I needed a new look. I’ve been tinkering with since I switched on Friday morning and I’m not quite happy yet, but I’ll get there. xxx

  • It’s not possible to have too much bubbly. My wine rack is full of it!

  • Ala

    Bubbles testing has to be the best part of planning a wedding surely? Hehe! Also I LOVE your new blog design xx

  • Love the new blog look!