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I hope everyone had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend! I mentioned in my post on Friday that House of Fraser’s home lines have absolutely been killing it lately, so today I wanted to feature some of my favourite picks from their site. 

House of Fraser Home picks


House of Fraser has Gray & Willow which has to be one of my favourite home lines around. Sam teases me for my love of the Scandi home vibe, but I can’t help but love its emphasis on natural materials and interesting textures. And because sometimes I can be as basic as a girl can get, I love some copper accents. Just take a look at some of these gorgeous pots and pans. I dream of having a big, farmhouse-style kitchen with open-fronted cupboards and all my beautiful pans hanging from the ceiling. I actually have dreamed about this…

If we owned our own home, top of my furnishing list would be a new sofa and a large decorative mirror (see you later really skinny one). Our current sofas have suited us really well for the past few years, but we picked them up from freecycle so as you might imagine, they aren’t the comfiest or loveliest out there. 

But before we think about any new home changes, we have to get through the wedding first. 

Is there anything that you’d change about your home?

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  • I 😍😍😍 that mirror!

  • Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend!

  • We’re actually in the process of buying a new house, once the flat is tip top and finished (so close….just so close) so the idea of having more rooms to fill is getting SO flipping exciting! Just now to find the money to fill them… Alice xxx

    • Ahhhh!!!!! How exciting! When do you exchange keys? We’ll never be able to afford to buy in London unless we win the lottery so I’m well jealous! x

      • Not for a while, we’re still at the beginning of the everlasting house buying journey. It’s exciting though! What you can buy in Plymouth is amazing, I can only imagine what the equivalent would cost in London!!! xxx

        • I can’t wait to see photos of your new place when it’s been all decorated and loved by you! xx

  • UGH the conversations I have with Mark about a new sofa! It’s getting riduclous. But our current sofa is huge and comes with our flat as part of the furnishings, so can’t get rid of it. It’s not the comfiest for sitting though. Need to get a new house.

    • Let us get a new house together. Mark and Sam can find for themselves and live in a den if crap old sofas. x

  • Ha, I love the Scandi vibe too when it comes to decor! Those pots are gorgeous! xxx

  • Some great decor inspiration here! Especially like that large white mirror. The bronzed colours here are rather gorgeous!

    Laura xo