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London || Canal Cavalcade

Last weekend, I attended Canal Cavalcade. It was the 23rd year the event has taken place in London. Basically, canal boats from all around England gather in Little Venice in London for a waterside festival and deck their boats out in decorative flags and garlands. There’s music, morris dancers, food, crafts, parades and boating competitions. (Chucklefoot the one-man-band was a personal highlight for me!) 

Ever since we lived in Stratford-upon-Avon where our flat backed right up against the canal, I’ve loved them. And then ever since falling in love with Prunella Scales and Timothy West’s show meant for geriatrics “Great Canal Journeys”, I’ve longed to travel around England’s canals. I’d even be willing to work a lock. 

I was absolutely stunned by how amazing some people’s boats were on the inside. Beautiful! It was a very family-friendly environment; and even though the cider tent dominated the banks of the festival you still saw people of all ages roaming around. The sun was shining and it was the perfect time to be in Little Venice. The only drawback to the festival was that since the walkways are quite small, and the crowds large – it felt really, really crowded. 

wrapshack whirlygig tending his boat smiley flags sitting on boat sea of flags moorings man at canal cavalcade
canal cavalcadecanal boats
lunchhighway over canal

Have you ever traveled around by canal boat? 

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  • I’m so disappointed I missed this years’s cavalcade. We’ve done a couple of canal boat holidays and they are ever such fun! No prior knowledge required, just a willing couple of lock operators!

  • What a colourful looking festival!

  • Miu

    Oh, wow, so many boats! But what are morris dancers?

    • Morris dancing is a type of traditional English folk dance. It involves a lot of bells and sticks and is really hard to explain… It’s really crazy. If you put it into youtube there are some good (and bad) examples. x

  • So colourful! And Prunella Scales is an absolute legend

    • Such a legend. The worst part about the show is that Prunella is now suffering from some dementia and she’s forgotten some of the amazing things she’s done. (SOB!) x

  • Wow these pictures are stunning! I have been to London many times but I’ve somehow never made it to little Venice. Next time I’ll visit I’ll make sure stop there! I have only traveled around by a canal boat once, in actual Venice but I was three so I sadly don’t remember any of it. xx

    • I really, really, really want to go to Venice one day. Pretty much all of Italy is top of my list! x

  • Wow I would love to travel on one of those canal boats they look so interesting, I have only ever seen them in tv shows or in photos like these

    • They are so lovely! I never knew England had such a canal boat history, until I moved here! x

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  • What a fun festival! I bet it was so lovely living somewhere with a canal in your backyard, what a gorgeous view:)

  • Woaaaaaa there are SO many boats, and so much colour and fun. I’d love to go on a canal boat holiday – it seems so serene! Alice xx

    • Plus you’re traveling around in with both your bed and kitchen – basically my idea of perfection! x

  • Ooh, I’ve never heard of this before! It’s so colourful, looks like you got a good day for the weather. Will have to check it out next year, though it does look pretty busy, like you said! Like your shoes, btw – where are they from?

    • They are pink low rise converse. I got them from Office a few years ago, but I’m sure they have something similar in stock now! x