London || Canal Walks

I blogged a few weeks ago about my love of the canals after attending the Canal Cavalcade. Using Little Venice as my base, I made the walk all the way from there to Stratford. It was around 10 miles in total and I definitely felt it. Walking along London’s canal was a surreal experience; you were in the heart of the city but it didn’t feel like it in the slightest! 

Little Venice was one of my favourite parts of the walk, but walking alongside the zoo is spectacular as well! Basically the canal goes through the middle of the zoo so it’s a free way to get a sneak peek at some of the animals. The busiest section was the bit that went through Camden, which is predictably slammed on the weekend! There was even a really odd bit around King’s Cross where the canal path itself was closed due to construction so these floating paths were installed along the bank. 

It’s insane to think that London’s canals are just shy of 200 years old! You hear constantly that the canals are in danger; from being overgrown, being dirty and uncared for. I sincerely hope that people keep dedicating their time to keeping this beautiful portion of English history alive! 

bridge canal tunnel canal walks closing locks empty gas balloons jumping prow of boat Regents Canal sam and mirrors sinking row boat sitting in old gas balloon walking along the canal

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  • Christine Everyday

    Wow, what a lovely place!

  • Maya

    I love the canals in London, they’re lovely to walk by, especially during the warmer weather!

  • This is amazing! London is full of hidden treasures, especially around the canals!

  • I just said to Mark “Did you know there’s a Little Venice?”
    “Yes…. Isn’t there one in London?”
    Seriously, husbands. The one in London is obviously what I’m talking about. Bah. Going to have to introduce him to it 😉

  • Miu

    It is looking so lovely!

  • that’s a long walk;) I saw a part of the canal in front of the Paddington station:)

  • Nicky

    Looks idyllic! I keep suggesting to hubs that we sell up & live on a canal boat! He’s thus far rejecting the idea!