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Molly Bakes – The Freakshake in London

I’d long admired the freakshake all over Instagram. Invented in Australia, the freakshake encapsulated all my favourite things; desserts and an absolute glut of them. So the moment that the weather turned in favour of milkshakes, I headed straight to Molly Bakes the new freakshake mecca here in London. I was so stupidly excited to try a freakshake that I was on cloud 9 all day awaiting my evening plans.

All the reviews that I’d read of Molly Bakes said that the queue could go out the door and that people have waited hours. Super surprisingly, on a Friday after work, I was able to go straight in and snag a table. (Molly Bakes only has about 8 tables.)

Originally, Sam and I had planned to split one shake, but once we got there we threw caution to the wind and each ordered our own. (In for a penny, in for a pound, right?) You pick the kind of milkshake you want, and then you chose your baked good. I had the chocolate shake and the brownie. Sam had the peanut butter shake with the cookie. The chocolate freakshake consisted of: chocolate milkshake, topped with chocolate ice-cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate candies, a brownie, marshmallow and honeycomb. The peanut butter freakshake was: peanut butter milkshake topped with ice-cream, peanut butter, cookie crumbs, popping candy, a cookie ice-cream sandwich, marshmallow and honeycomb. Wowzers! 

They were both truly incredible. Sam’s shake was delicious but I found the peanut butter a bit too rich, especially in such an already rich, sugary shake. My brownie was awesome, but after a few nibbles on Sam’s cookie I know I’d chose the chocolate shake with cookie over brownie next time. 

The freakshake is about 2000 calories each so it is truly a very rare treat, but what a treat it was! I did feel a bit ill after finishing it; mostly because I refused to leave any behind. Each shake is Β£7 which actually seemed like a pretty good deal for the amount of dessert you get! 

top view of freakshakes

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The face of a woman meeting her one true love.

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molly bakes freakshakes
molly bakes shakes

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cookie shakechocolate shakebrownie shake
eating chocolate shake
attacking peanut butter
empty glasses
mini cupcakes
molly bakes
The assembly line of shakes! 
pouring in shake
making freakshake
placing the cookie on top

You can find the Molly Bakes Cafe at:

450 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AE

Would you ever try to conquer a freakshake? 

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  • These look insanely delicious – good on you for ordering your own, they look to good to share haha!
    Hannah x

    • Hehe definitely too good to share. We quickly realised we were being fools and that we were each definitely going to get out own! x

  • What do you mean “a very rare treat”??? This is all I want to eat now, forever! LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos too, gorgeous x

    • Thanks so much lovely lady! I’m a devourer of all things sweet, but this almost did me in. It was good and I don’t regret a mouthful, but I did feel pretty shaky for the rest of the day πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Oh that makes me feel sick just looking at it! If that was a savoury treat of fries, piles with a cheeseburger and more fries, it would be more my thing! Haha!

  • One, your pictures of this tasty treat are so beautiful. And two, oh my goodness dessert heaven!

  • Β£7 is SO good for a days worth of calories! πŸ˜‰ The look unbelievably good, I have such a sweet tooth too! They literally look like the tastiest thing in the world! Alice xxx

    • They were definitely one of the best Β£7 that I’ve ever spent. I was so full that I couldn’t manage any dinner, so definitely good value for money πŸ˜‰ xx

  • SWEET HOLY JESUS. I have never, ever, EVER wanted to grab something from my screen and pull it out of my laptop so much. These look SO DREAMY! Β£7 is pretty darned good for something like that looks and tastes as epic as this. NOM NOM NOM.
    Bee |

    • Haha, I thought it was a really good deal for the pure weight of all the food I was getting. I rode that sugar high for the rest of the day! x

  • Gianni Washington

    I’ve gone ahead and sliced my stomach open so they can stuff as much ice cream and baked goods in there as possible. And did I spy (ridiculously good looking) cinnamon rolls in one of your photos??? Just take all my money, Molly Bakes.

    • Oh my gosh, their baked goods, are, if anything, better than the shakes. They definitely deserve all of my money for the joy that they brought me! x

  • This place honestly looks like heaven and both milkshakes look absolutely mouth-watering! I feel like this would be the perfect birthday treat. xx

  • Miu

    Oh my goodness! I think I would try one only with someone I could share it with πŸ˜€

  • Ashley Angle

    That shake look so amazing there are even words, YUM.
    Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Ashley Angle

    That shake looks so good there aren’t even words. YUM.
    Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Ohh these take such good shots! I’m not even a milkshake lover and I just want to devour one of these!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Thanks so much Jasmin! The milkshake itself was delicious but a small component of the whole. The brownies and cookies were top notch! x

  • I must admit that I had not heard of a freakshake until that Mary Portas ad, these look ridiculous!

    Lisa | Not Quite Enough

    • I had pretty much just finished drafting this post when her ads started airing and was utterly delighted! There’s another place in Covent Garden ish that’s doing them as well, but Molly Bakes was the London original x

  • This is beyond crazy, I think I might need to take a trip when I spent two weeks in London in July… I mean, it would be rude not too. Also, your food photography is looking amazing!!

  • Seriously, that is utterly wonderfully ridiculous!

  • STOPPPPPPP. This looks amazing. I need to get my hands on one of these! Have you seen the over the top Bloody Mary’s???

  • ζ˜“θ·―θ₯销


  • Gosh, this is definitely drool worthy! I’m in love with how decadent this is! And your photographs are gorgeous! If you don’t mind me asking ,what camera and lens do you use?

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

    • Thank you so much! I have a Canon 6D and for these I used a mix of lenses (a 50mm and an 85). Hope that helps! x

  • OH MY! This looks like quite something…. It’s definitely going on my list! x

  • 2000 calories EACH?! Holy moly guacemole :/ x