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Spitalfields Market: Pop-up La Boqueria

There are few things I love in the world more than a good food festival for one simple reason: free samples. Those two words ring golden in my years. Does anyone else remember the glory years when Whole Foods used to have so many samples? There was one quite close to my high school campus and during senior year when we had the option of eating off campus, I would often chose to fill up on those deliciously free niblets. 

So I was absolutely delighted when Sam suggested that we stop by the pop-up La Boqueria in Spitalfields Market for a Spanish food festival on Friday. It was sponsored by Estrella and I can honestly say that if I learned one thing that Friday evening, it’s that there are lots of different types of Estrella. (Also when I type the word “estrella” I hear “estrella means star” in Dora the Explorer’s voice in the back of my head). 

Having been to Barcelona before the Christmas of 2012, La Boqueria was one of the highlights of that trip for me. Everything was so fresh and was calling the siren song for me to eat it. There are very, very few things better than a plateful of roasted padron peppers with a sprinkle of sea salt over the top and a slab of manchego cheese. 

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What’s your favourite Spanish dish? I’d say there are few things out there that can top a great plateful of patatas bravas.

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  • Hi! My favourite tapas are jamón ibérico, pan con tomate (toasted pagès bread with tomatoe, olive oil and garlic) and bravas (potatoes with a spicy sauce). Best regards from Barcelona,

  • Christine Everyday

    Wow, what a neat little festival! The food looks soooo good…and the food is the most important part of any festival!

  • AHHHHH FOOD Festivals. Good times. Also, am I the only person who has never watched Dora the Explorer?!?!?

  • This looks like my idea of absolute heaven. I would have bought all the fried cheese and padron peppers. And probably ate them all right then and there.