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Somehow I never manage to catch Brighton at her best. It’s either freezing cold with appalling weather or gloriously hot but rammed so tightly with people that you can barely move. Most recently I caught her as her coldest and rainiest self. I’ve found that living in England has made me somewhat immune to the rain. When previously I’d alter plans that involved being outside if it was raining, nowadays I just think about putting on different shoes and another jacket. If I adjusted plans for the weather, I’d never get anywhere here. But this most recent rain suffered in Brighton was something else. It made reasonably nonplussed me, and supremely non phased-by-the-weather Sam, hide away for cover. Pouring rain turned into hail and then back into an umbrella defeating pounding.

Luckily after about an hour, it cleared up and we were left with beautiful if somewhat chilly, skies. I’ve been to Brighton quite a few times now, but to me a trip isn’t complete without a walk on the pier, an ice-cream on the beach and a wander through the Laines (all regardless of weather or season). The Laines were particularly crowded as many people had the same idea that we had, and used them as a hideout from the inclement weather. 

Because of Bake Off’s “Creme de la Creme”, I knew I needed to try Julien Plumart’s macarons whilst in Brighton. They were flavourful and exciting. A bit more dense than I’m used to, but stunningly delicious!

brighton beach
brighton pier
burned down pier
brighton wheel
left side of pier
underneath pier
pier legs
sitting on beach
pier and a bird
through the statue
the lainesstreets of brighton
brighton pavillion
colourful street
If you’ve been to Brighton, what’s on your “must always do” list? 

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  • I have those places that no matter when I visit I always seem to go when the weather is the worst ha. But like same H is totally immune to all weather, nothing seems to faze him.

    • It must be living in places with temperamental weather – you must just get used to being wet and/or cold. America definitely spoils us with reasonable weather! x

  • lovely photos!

  • Miu

    It seems I was lucky with my one-time-visit to Brighton πŸ™‚ It was nice weather, but not too many people out πŸ™‚

  • I’ve never been to Brighton and this is really because I’ve been waiting for the magical weather fairy to give me a good excuse. Ridiculous, I know x

  • Despite the weather, your photos are gorgeous! Where are the macaroon pictures though? Disappointed! πŸ˜‰ I’ve been to Brighton once, and it was great, but it always does feel like a bit of a hike across the country for me! Alice xx

    • It’s totally a bit of a mission for you! The macarons went straight into my mouth for testing, and then my bag to stay safe from the rain. ; ) xx

  • Christine Everyday

    Such great pictures! I’ve always wanted to go to Brighton since Jane Austen mentions is so many times…haha. Probably a silly reason, but true nonetheless!

  • I have heard of Brighton but of course have never been there since it is in another country just saying also that beach looks very pebbly to me not what I am used to

    • Pebble beaches are very odd to me as well. I still prefer sandy beaches, but Brighton is really lovely! x

  • I always wanted to make it out to Brighton!

  • I love visiting Brighton, but I have the same problem as you – it’s always freezing, windy and/or rainy when I visit! But the Laines are epic and I love the view from the pier too much to care about how cold I am! Great pics of the beach and the sea!